CAT Kumsal

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The winter storm in Salt Lake City comes to a halt just before sunrise. The interstate is reopened before noon after the roads are plowed and salted. In the motel, Luke and Kathy wake up in bed in the spooning position they were in last night. The same position that gave Luke the opportunity to have an intimate evening with his grandmother. He wakes up thinking it was all just a dream. He knows it wasn’t. Especially once Kathy sits up in bed with him and gives him a big kiss on the lips with her bright smile.

“Well good morning handsome!” Kathy says.

“Morning Grandma!”

Kathy stretches and gets out of bed, making her way to the bathroom. Luke gets a wonderful view of her plump bottom from behind. Her short pajama dress is pulled up and he can make out the lower halves of her rear cheeks.

Luke sits in bed thinking about last night with his grandmother. Absolutely no regrets run through him. Besides the fact that he slept with a family member, he also cheated on his fiancé Sara. For the longest time, he did his absolute best to stay committed to her. But having gone almost a year without seeing her, he caved into his lust and sexual frustration when his sexy grandmother gave him the opportunity to fuck her and relieve himself. His fiancé has been gone almost a year, due to the Covid pandemic. She’s a nurse working voluntarily at a major hospital in Denver, a couple hours away from where he lives. Her fear and paranoia of bringing the virus home to her loved ones has kept her away from him since the spring of 2020 when the lockdown began. Their relationship has been in trouble for so long. Luke has begged Sara to come home to him for months. But she’s stubborn and refuses to listen, even after the vaccine rolled out.

In present day, Luke is given the task of helping his widowed grandmother Kathy move to his family home in Colorado from California. He flew out to the west coast to meet his grandmother and drive her vehicle to Colorado the entire weekend. For the most part, they’re on schedule. There plans changed when they were hit with a winter storm in Salt Lake City and had to stop for the night. Plans can change on a road trip. Especially now that Luke and Kathy have a dirty secret. They both decided that they’re no longer in a rush to get to the family home in Colorado Springs. Luke decides to book a hotel in Cheyenne, Wyoming for the evening. They’ll hit the road after breakfast and jump back onto the interstate.

Kathy comes out of the bathroom after a hot shower. She’s dressed and ready to go. Though it’s cold outside, she’s still dressed as if she was still living in California. Kathy wears a dark long sleeve blouse with a denim skirt, extending to her ankles. She has on a comfortable pair of slip on sneakers. Luke eyes her, thinking about how attractive she looks. She walks to her side of the bed and begins to pack up her overnight bag.

“By the way, I’m not wearing any panties,” Kathy tells her grandson.

“Sounds like we’ll need to make a couple stops along the way then,” Luke says.

He takes a quick shower and puts on a pair of jogging pants and a long sleeve shirt. Just like Kathy, Luke decides to not wear any undergarments. He wants for his grandmother to have easy access to his manhood on the road. They pack up their belongings and grab breakfast at a diner down the road. Luke and Kathy get onto the interstate and depart Salt Lake City, heading east toward Wyoming.

The roads are clear and the traffic is light. Just as they enter the state of Wyoming, Luke remembers asking Kathy about her sex life yesterday on the road. She was curious about his and asked questions being nosy. When he asked her, she told him it would be a conversation for another day.


“Yes Darling?”

“Now I’m curious. Want to tell me about your intimate life since grandpa passed away? You said you would yesterday.”

Kathy laughs aloud.

“If you must know darling, yes. I’ve gone on a handful of blind dates thanks to some friends of mine setting me up. If I’m being honest, sex was always involved with each of the men I was seeing after your grandfather died. But none of them were memorable. None of them would continue to fuck me after their orgasms. I usually have a better experience pleasuring myself alone than with the men I would see,” Kathy tells her grandson.

“I will say darling, I had a GREAT time back in my high school and college days.”

“How so Grandma?”

Kathy has a big smile on her face as she reminisces on her yesteryears. She goes on to tell Luke about her days in the late 60s and the 70s. In high school, she was a tomboy. She played sports and mostly had male friends. She had three best friends, all guys. They did everything together and would hang out after school. They all hit puberty around the same time. Her three friends took a notice of her sex and tried to win her over around their junior year of school. They would get into big fights over wanting to ask her out. Kathy at the time wasn’t looking for anything serious. She was a virgin and wanted to wait until marriage for intercourse. She was still a hormonal teenager and wanted to please her friends. She came up with a solution that left her three friends satisfied. Kathy decided to give each of them a blowjob. With two of her friends, they took her to their homes after school. She sucked off each of them while both sets of parents were working. Her other friend took her to a park and sucked him off in a secluded area in the back of his pick up truck.

Kathy would spend the rest of her time remaining in high school sucking off her best friends even when two of them finally began dating other girls. One of them lost his virginity at the end of their junior year, but continued to enjoy receiving oral sex from Kathy throughout the summer and into their senior year. Kathy was way better at blowing them than their girlfriends. Kathy enjoyed sucking dick and would later meet up with guys in college for some quickies all around campus.

She kept true to herself and waited until marriage to lose her virginity. She met her husband in college. They dated for less than a year before they got hitched. Kathy described her wedding night, having sex for the first time, as one of the best memories she’s ever had. She and her husband had a happy marriage, with plenty of ups and downs.

She tells Luke about her husband’s time away from home, fighting in Vietnam during the war as a soldier. He was drafted into the war while still in college. She missed him dearly and kept herself busy with her job and raising her young daughter (Luke’s mother Lisa). Luke’s grandfather was gone for almost four years until 1975 when the war ended. He and Kathy only had communication through letters. Kathy fell into a state of depression during the last year of her husband’s time away from home. He wrote a letter to her admitting to having an affair with a local woman at his base for over six months. He wrote that the guilt inside of him began to eat him alive the longer the affair went. Kathy was depressed for some time and would eventually have an affair herself to get back at her husband. She ended up sleeping with one of her best friends from high school she’d suck off. Once Luke’s grandfather returned from Vietnam, he and Kathy separated for over a year after she tells him of her affair.

It took a long time but eventually they would each forgive each other and reconcile. The last decade of their marriage before his death would be one of the greatest highlights of her life. They would travel all the time after retirement. Their favorite destination was Maui in Hawaii and would spend weeks at a time out there on vacation. They also frequently visited the family in Colorado and would take care of Luke when he was growing up. Kathy and her late husband were always horny and had sex almost every day. She was just as aroused as her husband, even after menopause in her mid fifties. Kathy finishes off her life story to her grandson with telling him that besides sex with her husband and her friend from high school during her affair, Luke is one of the few in her life that could make her orgasm.

“Wow! Quite the extraordinary journey you’ve had grandma,” Luke says to Kathy driving down the interstate.

“Yes my darling, I think so. Think it’s fair to say I’ve lived and was a bit rebellious in my late teens and early twenties.” Kathy says with a chuckle at the end.

“I think it’s fair to say we BOTH rebelled in our own ways grandma. Besides the crazy sexual experiences we’ve had, the fact that we’ve been intimate together, it doesn’t get more rebellious than that.”

Kathy thinks about what Luke says for a moment. She realizes that they haven’t talked much about last night’s sexual activity in the freezing motel room. Kathy turns her face to stare at her grandson driving her vehicle. He’s focused on the road but turns to look at her when he feels her staring at him. He smiles at her, reaching his free hand over to her left knee, caressing it. Kathy sees a bulge in her grandson’s jogging pants. His pants look warm and comfortable. She licks her lips and comes up with a plan.

“So all this rebellious sex life talk has got me thinking….” Kathy starts off with, reaching over to her grandson’s crotch.

Luke feels her hand slide down his crotch. Almost instantly, his bulge grows and his shaft turns rock hard. Kathy runs her hand up and down his crotch playing with his erect member hidden inside of his pants.

“Yes grandma?” He asks barely able to focus on the road.

“Would you like your grandmother to suck you off while you drive? After all, I do have decades of blowing experience!” Kathy says pridefully.

Luke responds by lifting his hips off his seat and using his right hand to pull down his jogging pants, while his left hand operates the steering wheel. He pulls his pants down to his knees, allowing his cock to spring out. His rod stands at full attention.

“Oh my! No underwear for you either?” Kathy asks, reaching her hand over to Luke’s side to grab hold of his shaft.

“Absolutely not grandma! If you’re not wearing any panties, I’m going commando!”

Kathy laughs, slowly stroking her grandson’s rod. His focus remains on the road. They pass through a tunnel in a town called Green River. They’re just under 300 miles away from their destination of Cheyenne for the night. Luke keeps his eyes on the road as his grandmother stokes his cock slowly with her left hand. Both of them are silent now with only the sound of her vehicle cruising down the interstate ever so present. Luke gets into the passing lane to pass a semi truck and then gets back to the right lane. The highway is not congested with not too many vehicles on the road. He puts Kathy’s SUV into cruise control, setting it for five over the speed limit. Kathy sits quietly continuing to jerk off his erect penis.

“Are you ready darling?”

Luke nods, taking a deep breath. He can’t wait to feel the warmth of his grandmother’s lips around his shaft. He never would have thought another set of lips would kiss or suck his cock besides his own fiancé’s. Kathy takes off her seatbelt and shifts her body towards the driver side of the vehicle. The seat belt sign on the odometer screen immediately illuminates as a repetitive chime sounds. Luke and Kathy drown out the noise once her head reaches the tip of his cock. Kathy can see precum spilling out of his urethra. A direct result of his arousal most of the drive so far. Kathy extends her tongue and glides it along the the top of his cock in an upward motion, licking up the sticky ooze of his pre-arrival. Luke feels his body shutter from the oral stimulation. He does a great job of staying focused on the road. Kathy’s SUV has tinted windows so they’re able to remain discreet on the interstate as Luke continues to drive. He keeps his distance from other vehicles in front of him to avoid being seen in their rear view.

Kathy kisses the tip of her grandson’s penis a few times before she slowly opens her mouth and lowers her head down into his crotch. Her mouth calmly stretches as his meaty shaft sinks deep into her oral hole. Kathy holds her breath with her mouth paused halfway down his cock for a few moments. Luke suddenly hits a pot hole on the highway, causing her head to bob and take the remainder of his length to the back of her throat. Kathy chokes and springs her head up to regain her breath. Her mouth spills out excessive saliva blended with his precum.

“Sorry grandma, I didn’t see that pot hole on the road!”

“No need to apologize darling! I was going to build my way up slowly and eventually shove this bad boy to the back of my throat!” Kathy says.

Before he can say anything, she moves closer to his side and begins to lick his cock up and down. Luke grunts softly while his grandmother works her way down to his scrotum. Luke reaches to the seat control button on his side to pull the seat back. Kathy’s head is too close to the steering wheel. Her tongue flicks all around his sack, savoring the taste of his tender sack. She can feel her grandson’s breathing get heavier as he tries not to moan. She knows he enjoys this, so she takes one hand to stroke the entire length of his rod with her lips pressed against his testicles. Kathy cups his balls with her mouth and gently nips her teeth on his smooth skin for extra sensitivity. She listens to Luke’s sudden grunt, taking this as a sign of pleasure. She loved doing this. Her late husband would cum for her when she did this.

Kathy then leans upward and opens her mouth to receive her grandson’s stiff cock. She lets it sink deep into her mouth and push to the back of her throat. Luke grunts again feeling his grandmother deep throat his thick member. Kathy holds her breath for a few moments with Luke’s cock deep in her throat. She enjoys the sensation of asphyxiation for a few moments, knowing she’s unable to breathe because of his fat cock deep in her mouth, like a whore. She cups his scrotum with her hand and begins to bob her head up and down, sucking off her handsome grandson. Kathy thinks to herself that she’s now able to cross this off her bucket list. In all her years sexually active, she’s never given fellatio on the road, cruising down a highway at 80 miles per hour. She has another bucket list item she wants to cross off her list with her grandson and can’t wait to surprise him

later at the hotel.

Luke keeps his eyes on the road. He makes out his grandmother’s blonde hair in his lower peripheral vision going up and down as she sucks off his meat. He listens to her choke and gag. He can’t help but smile. It’s been a long time since he’s been this happy. His fiancé has been a continuous disappointment for months not wanting to come home and his self esteem was shit after gaining weight and losing progress on his athletic body. Now he drives his grandmother’s car as she performs road head. He can’t help but wonder how things are going to be when they get home to Colorado Springs.

Luke drives for over fifteen miles with Kathy giving him a blow job, slurping up his manhood. She takes periodic breaks in between, sucking off his cock and jerking him off. Luke takes his eyes off the road to look at his grandmother each time she sits up to catch a breath. Her mouth drips with saliva and she smacks her lips each time. Kathy then swivels her tongue around his helmet for a few minutes. Luke had an orgasm building up for quite some time. The sensation of his grandmother’s tongue on his tip with her hand slowly stroking his shaft is his sudden breaking point.

“Grandma, I’m going to cum!”

Kathy swallows up his rod and stretches her mouth to accept her grandson’s meat. She wants to swallow his milk. All of it! With her head bobbing up and down his cock, Luke briefly closes his eyes feeling the rush of his orgasm approach. Kathy grunts when the first wave of Luke’s seed hits the back of her throat. He feels his cock spit out many spurts of semen into his grandmother’s mouth. She swallows each load, continuing to slurp him up with her head moving up and down. Luke calms down after his orgasm subsides. Kathy eventually lets go of his penis and sits upright back into her seat, catching her breath.

“Delicious honey!” Kathy says proudly.

“That was incredible!”

“The thrill of sucking you off on the road darling, it made me feel so alive!”

Kathy takes a wipe from her glove compartment to clean herself. In a swift motion, Luke pulls his jogging pants back up. He takes a notice of Kathy’s denim skirt pulled up. All her moving around in the last twenty minutes or so pulled her skirt up higher to her mid thighs. Luke feels his heart beat faster, grabbing hold of Kathy’s left thigh with his free hand. He rubs her smooth skin. He casually slides his hand in between both of her tanned legs.

Kathy reclines her seat back and allows her grandson to do whatever he wants with his hand. She spreads her legs out wide to allow easy access for him to explore her womanhood. She stays quiet, hoping he’ll reach her soaking cunt and feel just how wet she is. She can see a smile on the corner of his face building up as he drives with the cruise control still in operation. They both enjoy the silence inside the vehicle, letting the sexual tension escalate between the two of them. Luke slides his hand further down to Kathy’s crotch and touches her pussy. His two fingers are greeted by her wet, glistening vaginal folds. He teases her by rubbing his fingers against her clit. Kathy shifts her body upright trying to keep herself contained. Just as easy as she was able to find her grandson’s sensitive spot, he found hers. Luke knows he’s in control now. He enjoys this moment, taking his time rubbing her gently with two fingers. Kathy covers her mouth with one hand and uses the other to pull her skirt higher. She does the best she can to not scream, audibly grunting. Luke stops rubbing her clit a few times to feel just how wet Kathy is. He moves his fingers in a scissor-like motion to see her sticky juices ooze in between them.

“Darling! I’m going to make a mess inside! I’ll literally cum all over your fingers if you stick them inside of me right now!” Kathy says out of breath.

With a smile on his face, Luke slides his fingers down his grandmother’s vagina and finds her slit. She’s so wet, he can feel the tips of his fingers easily slide into her tight hole without much effort. Luke keeps his eyes on the road, shoving his fingers deep into Kathy’s pussy. She does a terrible job at maintaining her composure. She moans and shakes her body around in her seat. Luke feels his fingers turn into a slip and slide. The longer he fingers his grandmother, the easier it gets for them to slide in and out of her snatch. Luke takes a brief look down to her crotch and can see her juices dripping down in between her legs and onto her seat. His fingers are covered in her post orgasm juices. Luke takes his hand away from his grandmother’s crotch and shoves her pussy juice fingers into his mouth. He savors the taste, letting her mature vaginal flavor sit on his tongue before gulping down her juices.

“Delicious!” Luke says to Kathy with a grin.

“You are something else darling!” Kathy says still out of breath.

They continue down the highway when a sign for a rest stop comes up. The rest stop is just four miles out and Luke has an idea for he and his grandmother. Their first detour! He loved how delicious Kathy tasted. He hasn’t had enough just yet though.

“Grandma, let’s stop at the next rest stop ahead for our first detour!”

“That sounds like a great idea darling! What do you have in mind?”

“Your oral skills are amazing! It’s time I show you some of mine!” Luke says to her.

The exit for the rest stop approaches. Luke pulls off the interstate. He and Kathy quickly run to the restroom for a quick bathroom break. He waits for her by her vehicle and does some quick stretching exercises to give his legs a break from hours of sitting. Kathy comes out soon after. They get into her SUV and drive to a desolate area of the rest stop for privacy. Kathy had gotten into the back seat of the vehicle. Luke steps out of the driver side and makes his way to the back seat, opening the rear door on his side. Kathy has her long sleeve shirt pulled up with her breasts exposed. She doesn’t have a bra on. She sits back up against the window of her car with her denim skirt on the floor. She sits naked against the window of the back side door on her side with her legs lying across the back seats. Luke jumps into the back of the vehicle and locks the car. Kathy takes her legs and lifts them, spreading them wide open for her grandson.

Luke takes a notice of Kathy’s pussy, visible to him for the first time. They fucked last night in the dark motel room. While he felt just how amazing her snatch was, he never got a look at it. Luke turns his body and gets close to his grandmother putting his face in between her elevated legs. Her vaginal area is clear with a more pale tone than her tanned skin. Her pubic area is neatly trimmed with grey hair in the shape of an upside down triangle. The bottom tip of her triangle stops just over her clit. Her slit looks tight with small vaginal folds hanging loose at her entrance. For a seventy year old woman, Kathy has a vagina that looks remarkably sexy compared to women more than half her age.

“Do you like it?” Kathy asks her grandson.

“Grandma, I can’t lie to you. This is the most beautiful pussy I’ve ever seen. Don’t ever tell Sara I said that,” Luke says with a chuckle.

“This is our secret darling, remember? I think it’s time to show for you to show your grandmother how you eat pussy. Fair warning though, it won’t take much for you to make me cum again. I haven’t been this horny in AGES!!”

Luke takes one last glance at Kathy’s elegant pussy before diving into her. His arms are underneath both of her thick legs and he uses them to spread her legs wide for him to get deep into her snatch. With his nose buried in her pubic mound, his tongue slips out of his mouth and finds her clit. Kathy is unable to stay quiet. She lies back against the back window of her vehicle and moans while stroking her grandson’s hair. Luke feels her legs shifting from the oral stimulation she’s receiving. Her legs squeeze his head at times while his tongue flicks her clit. Luke then uses his tongue to part her vaginal lips open, slipping his salivating member into her slit. Kathy moans, softly whispering for Luke to not stop. With encouragement to continue, Luke moves his head in a clockwise motion, tonguing her deep inside her pussy. Luke enjoys the familiar taste in his mouth from earlier when he fingered her. He takes deep breaths when he can and is hit with her natural feminine scent, driving him wild! While his mouth does most the of the work, Luke moves his right hand lower to her crotch area and discreetly slips two fingers into her slit.

Kathy lets out a loud grunt and begins to purr. Her grandson eats her wet snatch with two of his fingers deep inside her. She can’t believe it! Even after all that’s happened in the last twenty four hours, she can’t believe that her grandson is giving her oral pleasure. She’s moments away from an orgasm. Kathy lies against the rear door of her SUV, focusing on her present situation. Luke’s fingers thrust in and out of her with slow, deep motions. His tongue swirls all around her clit and into her vagina. Her legs begin to shake uncontrollably, preparing for her eruption bound to happen shortly. She feels the sensation of her grandson’s facial stubble rub against her clit and crotch as his tongue glides up north to her grey pubic patch. She doesn’t warn Luke about her sudden arrival as her legs buckle and tighten, squeezing his head.

“YES!!! GOD YES DARLING!!!” Kathy shrieks with a high pitched yelp.

Luke was not prepared for his grandma’s orgasm. He’s temporarily unable to breathe with her legs locked against his head. He slips his tongue back into her slit, feeling her vagina tingle. He’s flooded with her orgasmic juices as they pour out of her womanhood. Luke remains calm unable to breathe with his nose and mouth drenched in her fluids. He slurps up her cunt juice all around her slit and exterior vaginal area. After what felt like an eternity, Kathy releases her tight grip off of Luke’s head and spreads her legs out. Luke pulls his face back, catching his breath. He looks at the outcome of her orgasm with her pussy glistening with his saliva and her juices. Her pubic hair is soaked with juices flowing out of her. Kathy catches her breath as well, unable to speak. When Luke smiles at her asking how she’s doing, she just gives him a thumbs up. Wanting to get a taste of herself, Kathy leans up to her grandson and kisses him. They share a deep kiss with plenty of tongue, savoring the flavors of her pussy.

After a few minutes spent recovering, Kathy puts her skirt back on. Luke steps out of the vehicle and stretches one more time before they get back on the road. They had stopped for a good half hour. They exit the rest stop and get back onto the interstate continuing on with their journey.

Luke and Kathy enjoy the scenic views of Wyoming continuing their drive toward their final destination of the night. They have a hotel booked in the city of Cheyenne. They make small talk, listening to the radio. Every so often, Kathy would reach over to her grandson’s lap and touch his cock to tease him. His cock would twitch and begin to harden. She would giggle and let go acting like nothing had happened.

“You’re such a tease!” Luke would say to her.

“Just making sure you’re awake!” Kathy would reply.

Around the half way point to Cheyenne, Luke gets a phone call from his fiancé Sara.

“Ugh!” He says answering his phone.

“Hey babe……….

We’re good…….

We’re about halfway to Cheyenne. We’re stopping for night……..

Yeah I know we were supposed to get to Colorado Springs tonight but we hit a bad snow storm in Salt Lake City last night. We ended up deciding we’d make the best out of it and enjoy the road trip. Make it a fun weekend………………

Ok…….yeah that’s nice….hope work is going well for you…………….

Hey babe, sorry to keep it short, but my cell service is getting a little weird out here. I’ll call you later……..

You too….bye.”

Luke hangs up his phone and looks at his grandmother.

“That was rushed darling….was she busy?”

“No, she just got off a twelve hour shift. To be honest, I didn’t feel like talking to her. I think I just need a break. I’m enjoying this road trip and spending quality time with you grandma. Thinking about Sara and our drama….I just don’t want to deal with it.” Luke says.

Kathy understands where her grandson is coming from. If anyone knows how complicated a long term relationship can get, it’s her. She drops the subject and they stay quiet for some time, listening to the radio. An hour passes by and Kathy decides to lighten the mood. She reaches for Luke’s crotch and rubs his shaft.

“So darling….got any ideas for another detour? I’m starting to get horny again!”

Luke shifts in his seat doing his best to stay focused on the road.

“Damn grandma! You got me horny all over again! Let me think about that,” he says.

The sun begins to set early with the winter solstice in effect. With dusk approaching, Luke finds an exit and gets off the interstate. He takes a right turn and drives down a rural road trying to find a quiet, safe spot to park the vehicle. About two miles down the road, they come across an old abandoned gas station. The station has two pumps and a small building, with tall grass and a few trees surrounding the property.

“This seem like a good stop for another detour?” Luke asks Kathy.

“It’s perfect darling! What do you have in mind?”

“You’ll see,” he tells her with a wink.

Luke pulls the SUV to the back of the abandoned building. The lot is vacant without a soul present for miles. Luke steps out of the vehicle and walks around the lot to make sure he and his grandmother are alone. Once the coast is clear, he opens up the front passenger side door for Kathy to step out. Before Kathy can ask Luke what he wants to do, he takes hold of his grandmother by her waist. He pushes her back against her vehicle and kisses her deeply. Kathy is taken aback at first but immediately goes with the flow. They kiss passionately as Luke rubs his body against hers, dry humping her.

Kathy feels her grandson’s bulge pressed tight in between her legs. She moans softly with her lips locked against his as he dry humps her against the SUV. Kathy is turned on by Luke’s dominant position. She loves how he took the affirmative action to find this secluded detour. They share a kiss for a few minutes before he pulls back, shoving his jogging pants down. Kathy smiles when she looks down seeing Luke’s complete erect cock standing tall.

“It’s getting dark fast grandma! This is going to be a fun quickie! Want to get back onto the interstate before it gets too dark.”

“Say no more!” Kathy says in reply.

“Turn around for me grandma.”

Kathy obeys her grandson and turns around. Luke directs her to move to the front of her vehicle and bend over the hood. She follows his command and leans her body down onto the hood of her car. Kathy gasps as she feels Luke reach in between her legs and unzip her skirt. He thrusts her denim skirt down in one quick motion, exposing her naked lower body to him. She can already feel her pussy moisten from the thrill and arousal of having her grandson taking action, giving her commands.

Luke takes in the view of his grandmother’s thick rear end, bent over the hood of her vehicle. He takes mental snap shots of her wide booty cheeks with some wrinkles, tight asshole, and her exposed slit from behind. Luke grabs his thick shaft and rubs it up and down, making his way closer to Kathy. He grabs one of her hips with one hand for support and uses his other to guide his cock to his grandmother’s wet snatch. When his tip finds her slit from behind, he thrusts himself into her causing his penis to split her lips open and enter her.

Kathy lets out an audible groan as Luke begins to fuck her slowly against her vehicle. She’s amazed by the girth of his cock as it stretches out her vaginal tunnel. It almost hurts her in a good way, feeling each and every inch of her grandson’s meat penetrate her slowly. She enjoys the warm sensation of his big hands pressed against her glutes. She feels her body rock back and forth at a steady tempo as he builds up speed fucking her.

Luke reaches up to Kathy’s shirt and pulls it up, continuing to fuck her in the process. He moves his hands upward and keeps them in place just below her breasts. Kathy moans as he then fondles her enhanced boobs from behind. He gently rubs her areolas before squeezing her nipples for increased sensitivity. She yelps each time he pinches her erect nipples.

Kathy knows that they must hurry and get back onto the highway before it’s too dark, but she does not want this moment to end. It’s too perfect. With her grandson behind her giving it to her raw with everything he’s got, his hands pressed against her breasts, and the fact that they’re exposed in pubic. It’s too much for her. Kathy knows she’s going to have another orgasm. She wants to feel her grandson finish deep inside her again, just like the previous night. She needs to feel his warm milk deep inside her pussy. Kathy speeds up the time for Luke to hit his orgasm by pushing her ass back into his crotch, each time he thrusts into her. He grunts with her in the process of her thrusting back, shoving his cock deeper into her than before.

“Yes darling! Just like that!! I want you to cum inside me! Cum for your grandmother!!” Kathy says out of breath, trying to keep her composure.

“I’m going to cream your pussy grandma!! Fuck this feels AMAZING!!” Luke replies.

With his own orgasm approaching for the second time today, Luke leans into Kathy, continuing to thrust deep into her from behind. He kisses her shoulder blade and makes his way to her neck, kissing her softly. Kathy moans while he kisses her and squeezes her breasts firmly. Luke then takes hold of his grandmother’s rear cheeks and spreads them wide. He listens to the sounds of flatulence escape her pussy. He loves to do that when he’s fucking in a doggy position.

Kathy warns Luke that she’s about to cum for him.

Moments later, Luke feels her vaginal muscles squeeze his shaft inside of her as her flood gates open, creaming his cock. As she cums, Luke feels himself slipping out of her vagina thanks to his penis being doused in her natural lubrication. Kathy grunts quietly with her orgasm subsiding, but Luke knows he’s about to hit his. And there’s no turning back. With his final three strokes, he shoves his rod deep up her wet snatch and holds himself for a few seconds before pulling back slowly. He wants Kathy to feel every inch of his meat inside of her when his cock erupts. He thrusts deep into her pussy and stays in a locked position with his cock balls deep inside. He begins to spew his warm seed deep into her.

Kathy relaxes her body against the hood of her vehicle. Luke is balls deep inside of her and she can feel his eruption with every drop of his seed shooting into her love hole. It’s warm, gooey, and beautiful. Her vagina throbs from her orgasm moments ago. Kathy doesn’t know much more she can her body can take. She’s so sensitive! She grunts quietly as he finishes deep inside of her. She feels him kiss her neck and back softly before he pulls himself out from behind. Kathy immediately feels her pussy spill out their bodily fluids, dripping out of her snatch and down her leg.

Luke admires the view from behind Kathy, watching his semen spill out of her slit and down her inner thigh. He opens up the passenger side door and reaches into her glove compartment for some wipes. He gives some to Kathy to clean herself up a bit before taking one for himself to clean his cock.

“That was exciting my darling! In a public setting too of all places!”

Kathy says, pulling up her skirt.

“First time I’ve ever done something like this myself grandma!”

Luke and Kathy jump into her SUV and pull out of the abandoned gas station, driving back toward the interstate. Dusk was in full effect with nightfall quickly approaching. They’re approximately an hour and a half away from their hotel for the night.

The rest of the drive goes by smooth with no traffic. They arrive at their hotel in Cheyenne in the early evening, just in time for dinner. Luke and Kathy settle into their room. It’s a cozy double queen size bedroom with plenty of space. They place their overnight bags on one bed, planning to share one together just like the night before. They head down to her car to drive to a restaurant down the street for dinner. On the way back to the hotel, Kathy asks Luke to stop by the pharmacy for her to grab a couple of items she needs. They head straight back to their room right after.
Luke calls his fiancé back on the phone to catch up briefly after taking a shower. From what she tells him, she’s become increasingly homesick and plans on leaving Denver sooner than later. He’s happy to hear her update but takes the good news with a grain of salt. He was used to constantly being let down. He does not want to get his hopes up high. Sara has been paranoid over the pandemic for almost a year. She could easily change her mind about her return home.
Kathy decides to take her time in the bathroom. All day on the road, she’s had this evening with Luke on her mind. She wanted to make it special, even more memorable than Salt Lake City. Not only has she realized since then that she sexually craves her one and only grandson, but she feels like she owes him so much. After the year he’s had without his fiancé and losing his regular job as a fitness trainer, Luke has been struggling. Not to mention sexually frustrated for months! Kathy wants to give him a surprise and offer him something that she’s never had before but has wanted to for a long time. She thinks he’ll definitely be excited. Kathy preps herself for her grandson’s surprise and takes a long, hot shower after. She blow dries her hair and does her make up to look her best for him.
While waiting for Kathy, Luke lies in bed relaxing after another long day on the road. He briefly spoke to his mother Lisa after his shower to give her an update on their whereabouts. He tells his mother that he and Kathy are enjoying the road trip and that they’ll be home the following day in the evening. He spares Lisa the details of the night in Salt Lake City that began his affair between he and her mother Kathy. After hanging up the phone, Luke can’t help but wonder what consequences may lie ahead in the near future. All he can think about is how much he sexually craves his grandmother.
Kathy finally emerges from the bathroom after almost an hour of getting ready. She wears a robe provided by the hotel without the straps tied, exposing her naked front with thin purple panties. Luke stares at the gorgeous, mature bombshell standing before him.
“Sorry it took me so long darling. How do I look?” Kathy asks, twirling her body around to give him a complete look at her body.
“Just…INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL! Stunning!” Luke responds, trying to find the words to describe his grandmother.
Luke stands up to get close to her. He stands with just a pair of boxer shorts on. Kathy reaches her hands to his chest, sensually rubbing them up and down his upper body.
“You’re so strong and handsome my darling!”
Luke stands in silence allowing his grandmother to touch and feel his body. He grabs her robe with each hand and peels it off her body, collapsing to the floor. He takes one of her firm and soft breasts in his hand and squeezes it. Her nipples are visibly puffy and erect. She reaches to him and plants a kiss on his lips as they touch each other. Luke locks her in for a few moments, kissing her with passion. Kathy pulls back, smiling at him with her beautiful teeth.
“So I actually have a surprise for you,” she tells him gently caressing his upper body.
“Yes grandma?” He asks curiously.
Kathy leans closer into him and whispers seductively into his ear.
“Would you like to fuck me in the ass?”
Luke’s eyes widen. Her question surprised him. It was completely unexpected. As remarkable as the events of the trip have been, this was by far the best moment. Not having much experience with anal, he’s thrilled to be able to
try it again. He’s tried anal with his fiancé Sara a couple of times, but she wasn’t into it. It doesn’t take long for him come up with an answer.
“Absolutely grandma!”
With a smile on her face, Kathy kisses Luke again and takes his hand. She leads him to the bed. She gets onto the bed and lies down on her stomach. She informs Luke to reach into a bag on the nightstand for some petroleum jelly she bought from the pharmacy a short while ago. He follows her instructions.
Kathy lies in bed, feeling like a mixed ball of emotions. She’s excited and nervous at the same time. This will be her first time ever getting fucked in the ass. Her late husband was not into it when she asked him if he’d like to try it during their marriage. It was only in the last decade that her curiosity had grown, wanting to experience anal. On evenings out with her friends drinking wine, some would brag about how amazing and sensitive it felt with their husbands. Kathy recalls buying a butt plug out of curiosity and playing around with it one night by herself. She remembers how sensitive and firm it felt up her back door. It was slightly painful but she got used to playing around with it every now and then when she wanted an enhanced orgasm during masturbation.
“You know what to do darling. Be generous with the lube jelly,” Kathy says to Luke.
Luke takes two fingers and dives them into the small container. Kathy turns her body over at the same time to take off her thin panties for Luke to see her pussy. Her grey pubic hair is gone, completely shaven. Kathy winks at him as he stares at her bald pussy in a trance. He can’t wait to dive in deep inside of her. Kathy turns her body back around and lies on her stomach. She puts a pillow under her lower body to elevate her ass for her grandson to easily apply the lube into and around her anus.
“Whenever you’re ready darling.”
Luke gets onto the bed and positions himself over his grandmother’s body. He takes hold of her plump ass with one hand and uses the other to rub his lubricated fingers in between her rear cheeks. He begins to apply the lube jelly up and down from her asshole to her vaginal lips. Kathy lies still grunting softly, trying to keep herself relaxed. Luke takes some more jelly from the container and uses his middle finger to place some up Kathy’s tight hole. He feels her body tense up when he shoves his finger into her warm hole. Her asshole practically absorbs his entire finger. Kathy stays quiet the entire time as her grandson slowly fingers her asshole from behind. As his finger becomes increasingly slippery, Luke decides to stretch Kathy’s tight ring some more with an additional finger up her tight hole. Kathy’s body shakes side to side at first adjusting to both his fingers up her rectum.
Luke pays close attention to his cock as he fingers his grandmother’s ass. His cock aches from how erect he is, twitching from the blood flow. He stares at Kathy’s naked body lying flat on the bed. Her ass elevated for him on a pillow. She’s a gorgeous woman but lying in this position, she looks like a wet dream! With her natural curves and mature elegance, Kathy resembles a porn star in a cougar or “GILF” category. Most women her age can only dream of having her stunning looks and great health! Luke fingers his grandmother for a few minutes, slow and steady. She lies in silence, enjoying the sensation. After a few more minutes of applying the jelly and fingering her, Luke decides it’s time for his entrance up inside her tight passage. He takes some lube and lathers his cock with it, rubbing his shaft up and down from the base to his tip. Once his cock is shiny, coated in petroleum jelly, he takes his hands and caresses Kathy’s lower back and down to her glutes.
“Grandma, I think it’s time. I’m ready.”
Kathy asks Luke to sit up to allow her to get off the bed to bend over the edge. She wants him to have a firm stance on the floor so he can take his time and fuck her comfortably in a doggy position.
“Be gentle darling! Start slowly. Nice and easy thrusts. Let’s enjoy this together! I don’t ever want to forget this!” Kathy says.
Luke stands behind his grandmother as she lies on her stomach on the side of the bed. She has her bottom cheeks spread wide for him with her dark hole agape. He takes a deep breath and grabs hold of his fat, average sized penis. His tip pushes up against her sphincter as Kathy gasps out loud. He looks down at his shaft splitting his grandmother’s virgin asshole wide open. He eyes her tight hole getting wider with every inch of his meat going deep into her ass.
Kathy lies in shock, grabbing onto the bedsheets for dear life. Luke stands in a dominant position behind her with his cock deep inside her rectum. She cannot believe it. Her grandson’s cock is inside her ass, slowly thrusting back and forth, penetrating her sensitive passage. Even after the craziness of last night in the motel and both detours on the road earlier, Kathy finds herself in denial, questioning if this is her reality or some kind of wet dream she’ll wake up in bed to. Her own flesh and blood fucks her deep and raw in the ass. The pain quickly turns into pleasure. With each of Luke’s deep and slow thrusts into her, she feels a bizarre sensation with the need to empty her bowels. Of course, having already done so and prepping herself, she knows she doesn’t have to use the bathroom. A wave of pleasure floods over her body as she adjusts to the ultra sensitive sensation of her rectum getting stretched by her grandson’s thick penis. She can’t help but let out deep grunts each time he slides himself into her. Kathy can feel an orgasm building inside her womb each time his balls slap her rear. She knows he’s fucking her with long, deep strokes like she requested him to do.
Luke’s mind begins to wonder off. He tries to think about anything else besides what he’s doing. Though he’s taking it slow, he’s deep inside his grandmother’s asshole. It’s so warm and sensitive with her tight ring wrapped around his shaft. He knows he can erupt, spilling his seed deep into her bowels at any moment but he wants to last as long as possible. He wants to remember this road trip. This day. This night. This moment. The moment where he fucked his grandmother in the ass in some hotel in Wyoming. He stays quiet as Kathy grunts, gritting her teeth from the sheer intensity of his deep penetration. Feeling an orgasm approaching without his control, Luke stops his thrusts. He pulls his cock out of Kathy’s ass and stares at her stretched dark hole. He needed a rest break to last longer. Quick to action, Luke bends down and dives his face into her rear. With his hands, he parts her cheeks and slides his tongue up her ass.
Kathy moans, not expecting the sudden oral stimulation from Luke to occur. She lies with her face buried into the bedsheets, feeling his salivating tongue explore her anus. She feels his tongue rimming all around the edges before he pushes it in and out of her bum. Luke slides his way down to her vaginal lips getting a taste of her freshly shaved area.
Luke splits his grandmother’s ass wide open and eats her out from behind. He tastes the lube jelly around her anus and her vaginal juices lower near her pussy. Whether Kathy realized it or not, she had an orgasm and her pussy was trembling from when he first stuck his rod up her ass. It’s only after the feeling of his approaching orgasm begins to subside that he gets up and decides to switch to a new position.
“Get on top of me grandma,” Luke instructs Kathy.
“Yes darling!”
Luke climbs into bed and adjusts the pillows for him to lie back and sit upright. Kathy follows and gets onto the bed making her way on top of him. With a smile on her face, she reaches behind to find his erect cock. She adjusts her lower body position to align her asshole with. Once the tip of his cock slips into her rear, Kathy sits down slowly, taking in every inch of his meat. Her eyes widen and her jaw drops. She grits her teeth and looks up to the ceiling.
“Your cock is even deeper inside of me than before!”
Luke smiles ear to ear at her. He adjusts his legs higher so her bottom cheeks rest comfortably on his upper thighs. Kathy gives him the go ahead to begin as she leans forward into his face to kiss him deeply. They share a deep, intimate kiss. Luke has his arms wrapped around his grandmother slowly thrusting his hips up and down, penetrating her asshole. Kathy grunts with her lips locked to his, feeling every inch of his meat stretch out her ass repeatedly. Luke caresses her soft skin, enjoying the sensation of her warm breasts smooshed against his chest as he claps her cheeks rocking the entire bed.
Kathy knows she’s so close to creaming herself all over Luke’s cock. She feels her orgasm building up inside of her vagina as he fucks her ass. All of her friends were right about the increased sensitivity with anal leading to an enhanced orgasm. And now her grandson of all people are going to help her reach orgasmic bliss. She leans herself upright and spreads her booty cheeks wide with her arms, allowing her to feel every inch of her grandson’s rod slide in and out of her arse. He grabs her breasts at this time and begins to squeeze them and touch her erect nipples. Trying to stay quiet, she knows it’ll be a challenge. Kathy sways her body side to side as Luke thrusts himself in and out of her from beneath. She feels her body dripping in sweat from the intense physical activity.
Kathy lets out a deep snarl when her pussy begins to tremble. She buckles herself and shoves Luke down flat on his back with her arms, taking control. She increases the tempo pushing herself further down into his lap, shoving the entirety of his shaft up her asshole and pulling herself up. She pushes down and then back up repeatedly. Luke uses a free arm of his to slap her ass from behind in her process of doing so. Kathy is unable to stay in control of herself any longer. She feels her pussy clench tight before relaxing, releasing her creamy flow. She moans deeply as her orgasm hits hard. She feels her cum spill out of her vagina with her grandson’s cock lodged in her other hole. She leans down into him for another kiss, calming down from her orgasmic high.
Luke knows he’s about to hit his peak. Knowing his grandmother just came all over him, he continues to thrust himself up and down. Kathy kisses his neck softly, nibbling his ear in the process. She whispers words of encouragement to him.
“That’s right my handsome grandson. Fuck this tight ass of mine. Fuck your grandmother in the ass! It’s all yours darling! Cum inside my ass! You know you want to. That’s right! Just like that! You know you want this. You know you want me more than Sara!” Kathy says to him.
He listens to his grandmother’s dirty talk, telling him what he’s discovered in the last couple days. He craves Kathy over his own fiancé. He hits his final orgasm of the night thinking about his grandmother’s words.
“FUCK GRANDMA!!! I’m cumming for you!!” Luke growls.
He penetrates her asshole slowly until the sensitivity of the sensation becomes overwhelming for him to continue to thrust into her. His cock pauses, spitting his seed up her tight hole. Kathy moans with him feeling just how much of his milk shoots up into her bowels. Luke has about six or seven powerful eruptions, spitting out semen. He only pulls his penis out of his grandmother’s ass when it stops twitching.
Kathy sits upright, grabbing her rear and spreading her cheeks. She pushes out his cum onto his crotch. She gets off his body and allows him to calm down. Luke looks at her with devious smile on his face. He wipes some of their cum off his crotch and licks his fingers, getting a taste of his seed, her vaginal juices, and her asshole. Showing her grandson she can be just as freaky, Kathy leans down to his crotch and licks up the rest of their mess. She leans up to his face and tells him to open his mouth. Kathy spits the rest of their juices into his mouth and proceeds to kiss him lustfully. They make out for a few minutes getting a taste of each other with their tongues battling in their mouths. Kathy lies down next to Luke once they calm down.
“This has been fun darling! I think we’re going to have to find some private time for each other when we get back, don’t you say?” Kathy asks him.
“I think so too grandma. Never would have thought this road trip would have taken this avenue. But now that we’re here, there’s no turning back. And I’m more than happy with that!” Luke says.
Luke and Kathy talk for awhile, agreeing to keep their secret down on the low for as long as they can. They don’t want the family to be suspicious of anything between he and his grandmother. They have one more quick round of sex before they fall asleep together. They will be on the road to his family home in the morning.
The next day, Luke and Kathy arrive home into Colorado Springs by early evening. His family is thrilled to have her living with them for the time being, especially his mother Lisa. They aren’t in a hurry to help Kathy find a place of her own. For the first few weeks, Luke and Kathy behave trying to stay below the radar. After that period, she’d sneak into his bedroom for a late night quickie once or twice per week.

Two months go by and Sara decides she’s ready to return to her fiancé and leave Denver. Luke was thrilled to finally have her home at first. The most ironic part is that he realized he didn’t miss her as much anymore now that she’s with him in person. Sara wanted to move into a new apartment with Luke. He doesn’t want to sign a lease though, wanting to save money to buy a house. Their disagreements turn into arguments, which led to them fighting a lot. It didn’t take much time for Luke to see he wasn’t happy with her. Even the sex with Sara was not as exciting as he once thought it would be. They had sex almost every day once she got back from Denver, trying to make up for the lost time. He still continued his incestual affair with Kathy any opportunity he could get.

Not even a full three months go by before Luke and Sara call off their engagement. They both realized they’ve changed in the year she’d been gone, living in quarantine up in Denver. She gives her expensive engagement ring back to Luke. After some thought, he decides to sell the ring. He uses some of the money to put into savings for his house in the future. With the rest of the money, he decides to take his family on a vacation to Hawaii. He books his mom and dad a suite with an ocean view and he and his grandmother an adjoined room on another floor. The humorous part? Luke’s mother told him to take care of his grandmother and tend to any of her needs, if any, as he was right next door. Each night of their island getaway, he would leave his side of the door unlocked to the adjoined room so his grandmother Kathy could slip in and spend the night with him. They’d have intimate evenings, exploring each of their kinks and fantasies together.

It took a pandemic for Luke to realize he was better off single without being tied down. He realized in that time that he lusts for his loving, sexy grandmother. As time goes by with society returning to a somewhat new “normal”, Luke and Kathy continue their secret relationship and happily create memories to remember in doing so. And it all began on a winter night in a motel during their road trip.


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