Escort-Ads Knowledge Base - Age verification on Escort-Ads

Age verification on Escort-Ads

If you're a provider on Escort-Ads, you need to confirm your age before your profile can go live. This is because we're an adult platform and it's a requirement from the company that handles our payments.

To get verified, you must provide a valid government issued ID. One of our team members will check it to make sure it's real. We only use your ID to meet the rules from our payment company and to match it with the photo you provide for verification.

We don't hand over this task to a computer or another company, no third-party service involved.

Once you're verified, we'll delete your ID from our system.

We understand that giving us personal info like this needs trust, and we do our best to earn it. Below, we'll explain how we keep your info safe. And if you have any questions, our support team is here to help.

How do you keep my data safe?

How do we verify you, how can we confirm it's you?

To verify your identity, please provide 3 unedited photos:

  1. A selfie of you holding your ID: Take a photo where your face is clearly visible, holding your ID in front of you towards the camera. Ensure both your face and the ID are clear in the picture. Make sure your arm and hand holding the ID are visible. If you wear glasses, take them off for this photo, unless you have a valid medical exemption. It's okay to use a mirror to help you, as we can flip the photo later during review if needed. You must show at least your head, face, arm, hand and shoulders in this photo and hold the ID relatively close to your face.

  2. A photo of the front of your ID: Take a clear photo of the front side of your ID, making sure all labels and text are readable. This photo must be clear and all text must be clearly readable.

  3. A photo of the back of your ID: Take a clear photo of the back side of your ID, ensuring all labels and text are readable. This photo must be clear and all text must be clearly readable.

Which side of my ID is the front or back?

Some IDs don’t have a clear front and back, but you still need to provide pictures of both sides. Here are some tips to help you understand which is which for your document:

For driver's licenses and similar IDs:

  • The front is the side with your photo, name, date of birth, and details. However, this can vary by region.
  • The back is usually the other side, which might not have a photo but could have extra information like a barcode.

For passports:

  • The front is the page with your photo, usually the first page when you open the passport.
  • The back is the cover of the passport, often showing the country name or emblem. You need to include both covers and the photo page in your picture.

For other types of IDs:

  • The front is the side with your photo, and the picture should show the entire document.
  • The back is usually the opposite side of the photo, or for book-style IDs like passports, it's the full cover. Make sure to unfold the document before taking a picture if it's folded.

What forms of ID are acceptable?

We accept several types of photo IDs, such as a driver's license, passport, or citizen/travel card. If you don't have any of these, here's what to look for in your ID:

  1. It must be issued by a government agency, like a state or federal government, not by a private company.
  2. We need to be able to verify it meets our standards.
  3. Your ID should have a photo of you, an expiry date, your date of birth, and your name.
  4. We only accept the final version of the document, not temporary IDs or partial copies. Usually, we won't accept anything printed on paper other than a passport.
  5. If your ID proves your age for buying alcohol, it's likely acceptable, but it's best to double-check our requirements. Feel free to ask us about your specific ID if you're unsure.