How do you keep my data safe?

How does Escort-Ads protect my data?

We're dedicated to safeguarding your data at Escort-Ads, taking data security and privacy seriously. We employ various measures to ensure your information remains secure, including closely monitoring who accesses it, when, and for what purpose.

At Escort-Ads, only three team members have access to your profile data. We do not involve any third-party companies in handling or accessing this information, further bolstering the security and privacy measures in place.

We recognize that entrusting us with your information requires trust, and we're committed to earning and maintaining that trust. That's why we've created and uphold this document to explain the technical and policy protections we have in place.

Technical protections:

We've incorporated multiple encryption layers to secure both accessing and storing your data. Imagine it like constructing a fortress, where each added layer fortifies the security of the one preceding it. These measures include encrypting your data stored on secured servers, accessible solely through encrypted connections. Additionally, we diligently maintain detailed access logs and conduct regular audits to oversee information access.

Our decision to exclusively host your sensitive data on servers located in Germany stems not only from the enhanced protections afforded by privacy regulations and international human rights laws but also from Germany's stance on sex work legality. In Germany, sex work is legal, and the stringent data protection laws further safeguard your information. This legal environment provides an additional layer of protection against unauthorized access, backed by robust German legislation.

Policy & Procedures Explained:

In addition to using technology to safeguard your personal information, we have established strict internal rules and procedures. These measures are designed to limit the access that our team members have to your personal data. One way we do this is by promptly deleting your data when it is no longer needed, in accordance with legal requirements. We regularly review access logs to ensure that only authorized personnel are accessing your information and that there are no unauthorized actions taken.

Furthermore, we carefully control who within our team has access to your personal information. Currently, only three specifically designated members have access rights. We believe it is crucial to restrict access so that only individuals who truly need to handle your sensitive data can do so. This way, we minimize the risk of your information being viewed or used by anyone who doesn't have a legitimate reason to access it.

Explaining Policy Protection:

Policy protection goes beyond technical measures and involves implementing specific rules and procedures to safeguard sensitive information or account access.

For instance, if a user loses access to their account, our support team follows a detailed process to ensure that only the legitimate account holder can regain access. By verifying the user's identity through this process, both our support team and the user gain confidence that the account remains under the control of its rightful owner. This highlights the importance of procedural safeguards alongside technical ones in maintaining security and trust.

Discover more:

For more details, check out our privacy policy, which includes everything you share with us. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.