Should the World's Oldest Profession be Legal?

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Should the World's Oldest Profession be Legal?

The kind of life that people live in the United States will lead anyone into believing that everything is rosy and liberal but that is not entirely true, especially when it comes to issues related to sex work. One will be surprised to learn that prostitution, the world’s oldest profession is actually illegal in the greater parts of the United States. What is even more surprising and often a cause for debate is that, while prostitution is illegal in most parts of the US, pornography has no issues.


Where is sex work authorized in the United States? 

As mentioned above, prostitution or the exchange of sexual acts for compensation is illegal in the vast majority of the United States except for Nevada where sex work is legal in 11 counties. The reason behind this variation is that sex laws are not governed by the federal government but by state laws. This means that each state decides on whether prostitution is permitted or prohibited in their relevant state. As a result, it is only the state of Nevada that has legalized prostitution in certain counties. It is in these counties that you will find the most elite and high professional people hanging out.


FUN FACT: Back in the day, there used to be a legal loophole that permitted indoor prostitution but on Nov. 3, 2009, Rhode Island closed the loophole.


The effects of sex laws on prostitutes

Despite it being illegal, prostitution occurs throughout the United States and law enforcers have failed to stop it. Now, this is where the problem arises, since prostitution is illegal, the people who partake in it are not protected by the laws and as such, they are prone to be abused and victimized. There are many sex workers who are victimized during or after they have rendered a service but cannot report to the authorities in fear of being charged for sex laws violations. The victimizers know this and often seek to exploit it by taking advantage of the personnel rendering a sex-related service.


Why is Pornography Legal and Prostitution is Not

The major question that many people ask is why is pornography legal and prostitution is not. It makes very little sense legally to prohibit sex work since the very act of sex exchanged for compensation itself is basically a victimless crime, no one is a victim in this exchange. In pornography, there is always a high risk of someone being victimized. However, since some states now legalize massage parlors and sex surrogacy, maybe in the future sex workers will wake up to find themselves protected and supported by the laws, that way the number of people exposed to a variety of crimes which they cannot be reported to law enforcement for fear of arrest can be reduced.


Why sex work should be legalized in the United States

While prostitution is still illegal in the major parts of the US, it is still one of the most active professions to date. Arguments are being made that if the profession were to be made legal, the unsafe and unequal environment that has been stigmatizing and exploiting sex workers across the country will be effectively dealt with. By keeping prostitution illegal, the US has constantly promoted violence and many other risks to those invested in the industry.


How escorts and sex workers can remain safe

Truth be told, the sex industry is lucrative and will not be going away anytime soon. There are many people who are making a great living from working as escorts or in other related sex work projects. Safety continues to be a challenge but there are ways to ensure one is safe when practicing their craft. The internet makes it possible to offer sex services without exposing yourself to the authorities or people that might take advantage of you. There are escort and prostitution platforms that have structures in place with safety guidelines to help both escorts and clients engage in a safe exchange of service.