The Do’s and Don’t’s Of Dating a Domme

Admin | 03 Sep 2019 - 09:30
The Do’s and Don’t’s  Of Dating a Domme

When I think of Domme I see a woman of power, a woman who doesn’t take crap from anyone or anything. But I also see a woman who has embraced her inner beast and decided to make a proft from it. However, that doesn’t mean she doens’t want love, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a normal life outside of her slaves. Here are a few Do’s and Don’t’s of dating a Domme. 
Do Treat… Her with ​RESPECT ​ , she is not going to have time for games and the typical bull that a lot of males tend to pull. She may be a Domme but she’s also a woman who probably enjoys being pampered or just treated like a normal person. If you don’t treat her with the said respect, chances are you will learn some.  
Do Understand…  She’s probably a very busy woman if she is a professional Domme. That means she more than likely has a lot of oppointments and takes her time very seriously. If you make plans with her understand that those plans may change at times with or without warning. Also do you best to respect her time, that means showing up on time if not a little earlier if ya’ll do make plans.  
Don’t Do That… Lying stuff. Be upfront and honest with her. If you aren’t sure you can handle her busy scheduel then don’t waste her time. It’s not right to make someone fall for you only to later find out they can’t handle the lifestyle you live. You wouldn’t want a woman doing that to you, so don’t do it to her. Honesty and transparency is the way to go. You need to learn about her and if need be, keep work and home seperate which I have heard is the way to go about things anyhow.  

Don’t treat… Her like she is your atm. She’s on her grind, so she’s gonna expect you to have your own cash, so unless she tells you that she is into spoiling and pampering her s/o, have your stuff together, no one wants to date someone who is a trainwreck, especially if they’re the professional type.  
Don’t Act that way…. It wouldn’t be wise to act like a brute toward her. She makes a living out of demeaning, humilating and making others serve her. Your body builder physique won’t be all that imposing to her. Chances are she has faced worse, you’d be surprised how many big, professional dudes enjoy being man handled and de-moralized by a woman.  
This article was written in a humorous mode, everyone has their own fetishes, likes and dislikes. What works for one person may not work for another. So go out there and explore. Meet and greet till your heart is content. Dommes are just like everyone else, they enjoy going out, getting drinks or just chilling at home. You’ll never know if you don’t ask. Just remember to be on your best behavior, be respectful and always remember to stay safe.

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