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Dubai is a city that has the fastest growing economy in the world and all credit goes to its tourism. The boost in tourism is attracting a lot of rich people to people to visit the place regularly. The rich businessmen that frequent Dubai are always on the lookout to have fun and enjoy adult entertainment during their stay. Most of them usually seek the services of Dubai escorts to act as both guides around the city and as entertainers for the duration of their visits. To date, Dubai is fast becoming known for ladies of the night and a place to have fun without limits.

The number of Bars, Pubs, Clubs, Massage parlors and Brothels is increasing every day and this attracts the rich folks even more. With more money flowing, the number of escorts and prostitutes working the city is also increasing. According to reports, an estimated 35,000 people work as escorts in Dubai. The majority of these Dubai escorts are girls from Asia, Russia, and some Eastern Europeans. The amount of beauty and talent that work as prostitutes in Dubai is incredible, one can find a hot girl or woman of any age to spend time with during their stay without difficulty. It is projected that Dubai will soon overtake Thailand as the ultimate sex tourism destination.

Dubai escorts make the major part of their income from working as companions of rich businessmen and people who visit the UAE. This companion mean acting as guides to the city, spending time with the clients and proving sexual services. Most Dubai escorts work in areas that are known to be the leading spots of choice for adult entertainment. The places that buzz with adult nightlife activities include Bastakaya, Deira Baraha, and Cyclone. The Palm Islands and the Burj al Arab hotel are some of the areas that offer high-end clients who pay the most.

The law and prostitution in Dubai

Dubai is an Islamic city and as such prostitution is illegal but the government and law enforcement turn a blind eye to the practice because of the amount of income it brings to the city and its residents. The escorts that work in Dubai are particularly well paid as compared to other cities and they receive a lot of expensive gifts from the clients that they serve.

Dubai Escorts are well-compensated

Working as a Dubai escort is so attractive right now that it is not a surprise that the number of cases of human trafficking is at an all-time high. The idea of receiving at least $500 for an hour of sex service or company plus all the potential expensive gifts and shopping sprees is what draws many sex workers to Dubai. Many of them believe working as an escort in Dubai is definitely worth the risk and they are right. The only concern is that of being safe when traveling to join the Dubai escorts community.

Since prostitution is not legal in Dubai, Dubai escorts do not work the streets per say, rather they frequent certain areas that are always flowing with clientele. Hotels like St. George Hotel or clubs like the Hyatt Regency Dubai are known to be the areas of interest for both clients and escorts.

With the continued growth of the Dubai economy, prostitution is expected to continue being a lucrative profession. Businessmen will keep coming to Dubai for business and holidays and they will keep spending. The most important thing, especially for escorts that come from other countries to work in Dubai, is to ensure safe practice and that they do not become human trafficking victims.