StephanieSecrets | 11 May 2017 - 13:04

You know what I don't do much of? Live music, that's what! And for no good reason, I like music and what not. So when a friend offered me a spare ticket to see PINS a few weeks ago, I took it! It came with the instruction 'Don't Google them!' which I took to be because my friend feared that if I Googled them I wouldn't like them and wouldn't go, which was silly because they were really rather good!

There were two other bands playing too - Kyogen and Baby In Vain.

We missed a lot of Kyogen due to twatting about, but I loved what I did hear!

And Baby In Vain were fantastic!

They were playing at Headrow House, which is a bar and not an office block, despite that being what the name suggests. There's a space upstairs for music which smelt vaguely of spunk and farts, though the latter dispersed so I think I'd just chosen an unfortunate moment to stand in that particular spot. The spunk, well, the audience was mostly middle aged men and the bands mostly attractive young women... maybe they'd really been looking forward to the gig?

Musical kisses, Stephanie xxx

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