Date Destinations

FranchescaGFE | 28 Sep 2017 - 12:54
Date Destinations

Wecome back my friends,

I was thinking about date destinations.  The possibilities are endless on activities for us to share. Some gents may be nervous about how to connect with me. It's great to have an icebreaker.  We can build our intensity doing something we both enjoy. Maybe there is a new activity you would like to try. A new restaurant, wine tasting, sports event art exhibit.. This is where I come in at. I am so into trying new things.  I do have a few restrictions lol. No skydiving, no bungee jumping, no cliff diving.. do you see a pattern here? I am so into trying new things. My suitors enjoy spending time inside my cozy retreat. However its fun to shake it up sometimes. Especially if you are visiting town. Let me be your extended tour guide. Or you could be mine. Here are some suggestions on hitting the town with a sexy energetic companion.

Now I love football. Especially my Seahawks. This could be a fun way to spend time with me. A sporting event where we can be lively supporters of the blue & green, or whatever team you support. I can even accompany you to an away game. This year I had the amazing opportunity of a fly-me-to-you date to Arizona for The Final Four. We had do much fun, and it was my first time to The Final Four. We can make lasting memories that  we could share forever.

Date destinations ideas:

New restautants


Gun range

Martini bar


Wine Tasting


Cooking Class


Sports bar (pool,darts,karaoke,pinball). Concerts

The possibilities are endless. You just have to ask me and we can arrange it. Of course any dates longer than 2 hours should include a meal. The time we spend outside the boudoir can be just as intimate. My GFE fantasy is profound while we are out in the public eye. I offer the highest level of discretion when venturing out. So open your mind to new wonders, all those fun ideas you have been suppressing can be released with a fun, charismatic, special young lady. Me! And let's not forget we can end the date with some passion in the boudoir.

Thank you for taking time to read my thoughts. I hope I've ignited an inner desire to venture out and try new things. Life is too short to pass up fun opportunities.

Have a superb week, I'll be sothing you soon.

Ms Franchesca, Elite Girlfriend Simulator

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