Gentlemen, Don't Feed Escorts' Greed!

Toronto Companion | 01 Apr 2018 - 12:44
Gentlemen, Don't Feed Escorts' Greed!

Why do high end companions have a reputation for being greedy? And how do their clients feed the greed? 

High end companions inflate their worth

Is any football / hockey player worth several thousands of currency per week? Are high end female companions, courtesans, mistresses worth thousands per hour? Human life is irreplaceable and timeincreases in value. But I still believe that the answer is no. Yet many men with more [corporate?] money than common sense don’t care about how much they throw at high end female companions as long as these men get what they desire.

Good living, hankering for ever more excitement, and the need for ego massage happen on spontaneous impulses. And spontaneous impulses exclude thinking about consequences of actions done during them. If men comply with these women’s claims for high end gifts, that is precisely how men encourage those women’s greed. Is there any wonder why those women are so greedy? Or why men complain about how much high end companions charge?

How do high end female companions claim the right to claim gifts

in addition to the fees for their company? I’ve seen high end companions dedicate pages of their websites to gifts. And many even link to the websites that stock the gifts to make their purchases more convenient for their clients! How do they claim the right? Based on the fact that someone once gifted them and that created inspiration for them to claim gifts thereafter? Or based on the fact that they got away with it once or a few times and came to take it for granted instead of being eternally grateful every time? Perhaps based on a colleague of theirs having told them that she got away with it and advised that they tried it?

Is it a marketing technique?

Or do these greedy high end companions dedicate pages of their websites to claiming gifts as a marketing device to make their image and status look more credible? Even if that were true, these women’s disrespect for their clients won’t change no matter how we look at it. A gift should always be a gift, not a product of dictation. So if they market gifting by dictation, they market their manipulative characters. And also the image of treating men as objects via which to achieve their ends. But then these women shouldn’t cry when their clients get the message and start treating them as millionaires’ bimbo pendants, because gift for act = tit for tat. If you invite to manipulate, you equally invite to be manipulated!

Gentlemen, don’t feed high end companions’ greed!

I see this practice as totally unethical and disrespectful to the clients of high end companions! The principle of giving is identical to that of tipping. Tipping should be at the client’s discretion, not at the service provider’s dictation. If a client wishes to tip for good service or give a gift on his initiative as a token of appreciation, the best and most respectful thing that high end companions can do is to gracefully accept it with sincere thanks. But not with the attachment of starting to take this for granted and expecting it to become the norm!

The societies to which this forceful gift-claiming practice applies have lost the plot on this. Yet they’re usually the very ones which talk about materialism and greed being bad things! Just look at restaurants. Not only do they inform you on the bill that an x per cent service charge has been added to the bill, but waiters still give you dirty looks if you don’t tip them! Outrageous!

Besides, who can tell me why on earth waiting, hairdressing, taxi driving, and hotel portering professionals should be singled out for tipping? Why would you never tip your accountant, lawyer, or drycleaner for excellent service? Does this not fly in the face of all calls for equality? Waiters, hairdressers, taxi drivers, hotel porters choose their careers and accept the employment with the wages, warts and all. So there’s no excuse for tipping any of them versus others unless the service really has been exceptional. But that is very rarely the case.

There’s a science

[albeit not rocket science] behind this phenomenon. This practice is one that should honestly be stopped! If men want to give a woman a gift, that’s fine. But if you’re a man reading this, do it only if you want to, not based on a high end companion’s dictation. Remember that you’re voting with your money every time you spend it and you’re voting with your energy every time you take action. So vote wisely. Don’t encourage these greedy practices with your vote! Don’t vote for these greedy companions to stay in operation!

And if you feel too weak to say no, or if you would feel guilty or mean, then let’s look at how you could change your perspective!

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