Choosing a Massage Parlor in Canada - Massage Parlor Etiquette

Admin | 2017. October 26. - 13:19

Over the years, visits to massage parlors have become a big hit in Canada. Most massage parlor clients are men who seek sexual gratification and the excitement of erotic touching. There is just something thrilling about receiving a massage from a really hot and sexy girl and have it end with a relaxing release. That there is the true definition of a ‘happy ending’ but that sure is not the primary reason why massage parlors have become a big hit in Canada’s provinces. The rise of massage parlors in Canada is attributed to the country’s sex laws regarding sex workers and their ambiguity.

Current laws on prostitution in Canada

The current laws on prostitution in Canada that were introduced and effected in 2014, declare that the art of sexual services trade is legal to the seller but illegal to the buyer. This means that the Canadian lawmakers made it legal for sex workers in Canada to sell sex services but illegal for anyone to buy the said services. make it illegal to purchase sexual services but legal to sell them. Yes, it is as confusing as it sounds! Even the supreme court of Canada is at an impasse with the lawmakers regarding this law.

The law was designed to protect prostitute and adult entertainment providers from being victimized and to allow for them to receive better and safer medical care.

In detail, The Canadian law on sex and prostitution prohibits opening and operating premises that offer sex services for sale. This includes brothels and red-light buildings. People who are found soliciting for sex workers in brothels and in public are therefore deemed to have broken the law and are liable for prosecution.

However, working as an independent sex worker and private communication for these services is legal. Meaning a sex worker and a client can engage in a transaction if this is arranged privately via the internet, email, phone or without exchanging the actual words of soliciting. It is for this reason that erotic massage parlors are popular in Canada. The government even issues operating licenses and registration to parlors that apply for registration.

Erotic massage parlors

Erotic massage parlors are meant to provide sexual gratification and erotic activities. If you walk into an erotic massage parlor do not expect a therapeutic massage. The girls you find in these kind of parlors are only there to provide erotic pleasure and not therapeutic solutions. Erotic massage parlors often advertise as luxury spas, relaxation parlors, body rub parlors and other similar descriptions. If you are looking for an erotic massage parlor in Canada, the first thing that you should do is to pay attention to the name and description of the places. The name of the place, its logo, and the atmosphere inside will let you know if you are in the place that you are looking for or not. The most obvious sign to let you know that you are in an erotic massage parlor is the way the girls are dressed.

Which massage parlors are legal in Canada?

Massage parlors, even ones that offer adult services can be registered to operate by the Canadian municipal responsible for that city. To find out if the place that you want to visit is licensed you can check out their registration numbers and certificates that should be displayed at the reception. Also, depending on the city and province, there are certain regulations that each parlor is obliged to adhere to. For example, the girls in Ontario parlors are obliged to wear panties when rendering a service.

What you can expect to the massage parlor

When you enter a massage parlor seeking erotic service, here is what you should expect:

•    A hostess to greet you when you arrive

•    A choice of available ‘attendants’

•    Escorted to the ‘massage’ room to discuss services and fees

•    Pay the mandatory room fee up front

•    Take a shower

•    Lay on the massage table

•    Discuss ‘extras’ with the attendant

•    Receive your service

•    Tip the attendant and leave