Death By Bullying

Submitted by admin on Tue, 09/03/2019 - 09:39

Bullying takes on many forms, it hides behind the faces of friends and family, it can lurk behind those with whom you work and just sometimes it can stare you straight in the face and you don’t realize it. On occasion those around you are able to see through it’s guise but sometimes they’re fooled too. It happens. Especially in the Adult Industry.     There would be some who would argue that those in the Adult Industry should’ve seen that coming, that they should’ve had thicker skin due to their line of work or if they were tired of it they should just quit but it’s not always that ease. There are a lot of factors that go into play. Even though there are scenes that depict violence or assimlate rape, it’s suppose to be just that, a scene, a written script that was talked about and discussed at length where both parties knew exactly what to expect, nothing more and nothing less.     However, that isn’t always the case. Every day more and more women (and possibly men) are coming forward against bullying, abuse, and rape insinuations as well as allegations. Yet because they are Adult films stars it doesn’t really make the news. If people find out its usually through blogs, podcasts and the like. I know that is how I discovered that not one, not two but five young Adult Film Stars had passed away in less than three months back in January of this year.     A person’s well being shouldn’t be based upon what job they do or don’t have and yet for some reason, we treat them as though it does. People say mean and awful things online, forgetting that on the other side of that screen lies a real person, someone who feels, someone who cries, someone who bleed and in cases like those women, someone who dies.There needs to be stricter laws enforcing the safety of these Adult Enterainment Industry Workers, this includes all of those who work in the Adult Industry. There should be stricter laws on Cyber Bullying and what classifies as such.     Bullying wasn’t alright when we were kids, what makes people think that it is alright as adults? A lot of individuals are biased and judgemental whether it be because of religious views, mysgonistic views, or political views or may be just because they can be but I find that it is those very people who tend to be the most closed minded and hypocritical. It’s sad to say that a lot of those people are actually women. One would  think with the way religion, media, the polictical system treat women that they would want to stand together against the bullying, against the abuse instead of shrugging their shoulders and turning a blind eye.  Suicide Awareness month is coming up, with that being said I would like to take a moment and say if you know someone who is going through something, who is being bullied, if you know someone who you think could possibly be sucidal do something, stand up, let them know that they aren’t alone. You never know, you just might save a life.

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