New Suitor Q&A

HeatherRileyXO | 23 Aug 2018 - 10:58
New Suitor Q&A

New Suitor Q&A! These are my most frequently asked questions. Enjoy. :)

Hi, I’d like to meet with you. What do I have to do to make this happen?

  • First: Fill out my screening form, email me your screening information, or message me on a verification site. 
  • Second: Request a date with time, date, location, and duration. I will not check your screening information until you request a date.
  • Third: Send a deposit! Its the surefire way to secure your desired booking. 
    • Deposits are non-refundable but if you should need to cancel for any reason, it will be applied to your reschedule.

Screening? Verification? Whats that?

  • A disclosure of information that tells me you are who you say you are. Required for all new suitors.

Do I need provider references?

  • Ideally, yes. However, If you don’t have provider references I offer alternative screening options.

What are your rates?

  • Listed on my website on my Booking page and on all my ads. Do not ask me this or I will just make up large sums of numbers.

Are you available now?

  • Probably not. I strongly recommend PREBOOKING for any type of date. I need a 2 hour minimum notice.
  • Make sure you check my calendar and twitter account for daily availability.

Do you have a wishlist?

  • Yes, I do! I’m not very good at adding items to it. Digital gift cards of any amount are always welcomed and appreciated. If you’d like to surprise me, you can always send a gift card!

Do you do incall?

  • Chicago Suburbs - YES. I have a regular incall.
  • If you’d like me to be available in a specific area, plan ahead and pay for the hotel. I will not get a hotel in various parts of of the suburbs unless requested with advanced notice and paid deposits. 
  • Chicago Downtown - I do not have an incall in the downtown area. Outcall preferred unless we work out a special arrangement in advance.

Do you do outcall?

  • Yes - outcall is available in the Chicagoland suburbs, downtown, and nearby rural areas. Travel compensation is required but totally worth it! Please give me 24 hours notice, minimum. Planning ahead wins the day!

Do you like couples?

  • I adore couples! I love “MoreSomes” - but everyone must screen and consent. :)

Are you female friendly?

  • Absolutely. Who else is better prepared physically and emotionally to spent some quality, sensual, intimate time with women than anther woman?

What kind of things do you like?

  • This is a constantly evolving answer. I’ve learned its best to come with an open mind and try new things. I try to say “yes” as often as I can. Don’t give me a reason to say no!

Whats a Dinner Date?

  • A fun, exclusive evening with me where we share a meal and secrets. Its very much like a traditional date! Dinner, first kisses, but a sure thing afterwards. 

Whats a Social Date?

  • I offer companionship for any and all social engagements. From work events to friendly gatherings to charity functions, I am the gentleman’s choice companion for a lovely social evening with conversation, entertainment, and exclusive attention.

Whast a Day Date?

  • The term “Day Date” is reserved for any type of date or activity suitors want to schedule during the day! We can grab lunch, walk around a museum, or see a baseball game. The morning sky is the limit!

Whats an Overnight?

  • Just what you think it is, silly! An intimate option where you’re the last thing I see before I fall asleep and the first thing I see the I wake up - Dinner to Breakfast ;)

Whats an Exclusive Weekend?

  • If you prefer extended dates (I know I do!), this is the perfect option for suitors who enjoy getting to know others and bonding over shared and past experiences. These dates offer more than enough time to get multiple actives in together. Available in Chicago with 3-4 days notice OR FM2Y. 

Whats “FM2Y” / “FlyMeToYou”? I’ve never heard of it.

  • This means what it says - I’m not near you and you’re not near me. Whats a suitor to do? Fly me to you! I require a 4 hour minimum date + travel costs. Suitors can fly me out wherever they are for just a few hours or a few days! Suitors are expected to cover hotel fees with Fly Me To You’s with an overnight stay. 

Are sugar arrangements available?

  • Yes! However, please keep in mind the following:
    • Potential Sugar Daddies MUST SCREEN. Offering a weekly allowance is not some magic spell to bypass screening.
    • I do not accommodate Pay Per Meets (PPM). That is no different than being a suitor booking a date. Additionally, PPM offers are often lower than my companionship rates and that is never accepted.
    • Sugar Relationships are far more than financial support. Please be generous of character, not just generous of wallet.

I sent in my prescreening and I haven’t heard back…

  • I’m sorry! Please don’t take it personally. I do not check any screening or prescreening until you schedule a date. Prescreening is nice to have so that when you do schedule with me, I already have it on file and can review it immediately. Screening only takes a few minutes for the most part. Thanks for sending in your screening information - it makes this process so easy and carefree!

I’ve tried booking with you in the past and it didn’t work out. Am I out of luck?

  • You are NOT out of luck! I am independent. I do not have an assistant or an agency. Sometimes it takes several attempts to book with me. Be persistent!
  • If you are not someone I will book with, I will tell you explicitly. Don’t worry, love.

Do you have an age minimum?

  • I do not have an age minimum. However, the average age of my suitors is 50+.

Do you have a short-notice minimum?

  • I need minimum 2 hours notice to get ready for a short-notice request. Its possible I may just be entirely unavailable for one reason or another. Keep that in mind!

Do you see suitors of all races and ethnicities?

  • Absolutely. All shapes and sizes, too! Come as you are and lets have the best time.

Are you Disability Friendly?

  • Yes, I am! All are welcome with me. Please communicate all your specific needs and understandings. 

Do you tour?

  • Not usually. I am either in the Chicago area or on an exclusive FM2Y trip. Thats it.

Hey, if you ever make it to *Insert Random City/State Here* let me know!

  • Thats not how this works. I appreciate your interest, I really do. But do not expect me randomly visit another state and reach out to you. If you’re truly interested in spending time with me, I expect you to make the effort to get to Chicago or Fly Me To You. We can make this work, I swear!

Do you do BB?

  • Stop right there, rewind, and try that again. 

Do you take outfit requests?

  • Send me an outfit and I’ll be happy to wear it. Other wise, I will dress as I please. Simple requests such as “athletic wear” or “dress” will be accommodated as available.

Are sponsorships available?

  • Always! Dinner, shopping, photoshoots, monthly maintenance activities - your support is always welcomed & appreciated.

Anything else I should know?

  • I don’t do porn. I only offer in-person, private experiences. 
  • I won’t nickel and dime you for other sites. Your only paid content option is Snapchat!
  • I don’t tolerate disrespectful behavior. I have a Character Requirement for my screening.
  • I want you to follow me on twitter.
  • Duos are only available for suitors I’ve met with before.
  • I prefer multi-hour & extended dates.
  • I have lots of policies and I expect you to review them all before contacting me!
    • Deposits Policy
    • No Reviews Policy
    • Nudge Policy
    • Cancellation Policy
    • Reschedule Policy
    • Etiquette Expectations 
    • Texts Only - NO CALLS
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