ROME – Street Prostitution in Rome

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History will tell you that the Romans sure loved their entertainment, especially where issues of drinking and sex are concerned and a visit to Rome the capital of Italy will easily confirm this to be true. Rome escorts still work the streets and offer sex services the same way they used to back in the day. It is quite an enjoyable experience really, especially if you visit Rome during one of its many festivities periods. People who have been with escorts in Rome testify to their beauty and their incredible skills in bed.

The sex and prostitution situation in Rome

Prostitution is basically legal in Rome. And because it is legal, street prostitution is very high and popular in Rome, especially in and around the highly populated areas. This has caused a lot of residents and some officials like the chief of the police to call for the establishment of sex zones and red-light districts to control the manner in which street prostitution is occurring. While the debate to open red-light zones rages on, Rome escorts continue to work the streets and solicit clients wherever they can find them including in the suburban areas. This is why Rome's top security official suggested the city needs a Red-light district to keep prostitutes off the residential streets because there have been so many complaints about prostitutes working the streets of the Italian capital.

When compared to other European countries, the large presence of streetwalkers compared to indoor sex workers is the most distinctive feature of Rome's sex industry. In no other city in Europe will you see and meet so many street prostitutes as you see in Italy’s Rome.

Now while the Italian laws are officially permissive of prostitution, they also have so many restrictions, for example, pimping is very illegal and police usually conduct raids to pick up pimps especially those that work with illegal immigrants. Pimps tend to take advantage of illegal immigrants and introduce them to the prostitution scene. Most of these illegal immigrants are often young women from Asia and Africa.

Rome used to have brothels back in the day and street prostitution was almost unheard of, but laws were passed in 1958 that outlawed the use and running of brothels. Today, street prostitution is leading the sex scene in Rome and escorts are actually making a lot of money from it.

Hooking up with street prostitutes in Rome

If you are looking to get it on with an escort in Rome, finding one is not a problem. Walking around the entertainment areas at night is enough to get you offers. It is the doing it part that proves to be a problem as most escorts prefer to offer their services in your car which is cheaper for them than to rent an apartment or even come to your hotel room. So if you have a car you are well set to enjoy some of the best sex services in Rome, if you do not own a car you will most likely pay a bit more to convince the escort to come and get it on with you in your hotel room.

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