The alternative to Onlyfans for escorts (and their followers)

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The alternative to Onlyfans for escorts (and their followers)

Faced with the new reality, OnlyFans became an extremely profitable platform for escorts and sex workers who needed to work online. Through this site, they were able to earn a living without the need for any physical contact with their clients. However, when the platform began to be used by celebrities such as Thorne, competition started to grow considerably, putting their income at risk. 

Maintaining an OnlyFans account requires a great deal of work, which should be rewarded. However, the platform has applied new restrictions which prevent escorts from promoting their content as they did before. Luckily, an alternative exists for European users, which we’ll discuss in more detail below: an Escort Social Media Platform, offering free registration.

What are the new OnlyFans restrictions?

Escorts have fiercely criticised the OnlyFans platform after the site added new rules which limit their profits – particularly at a time when personal services are not possible, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

It appears that the platform has significantly reduced payment rates. As such, they have implemented a limit of 50 dollars for photos and videos, while private message tips may not exceed 100 dollars. This has greatly angered the community, who do not understand why they were not warned of such significant changes in advance.

What’s more, sex workers will need to adapt to another rule concerning cash withdrawals on the platform. While in the past it was possible to withdraw accumulated earnings after seven days, some escorts report that the platform has implemented a 30-day payment policy. As a result, they’ll have to wait one month to transfer money to their respective bank accounts.

Many of these sex workers depend on this technological platform to continue earning money after losing their main source of income, due to the pandemic. However, these policy changes – which have been implemented with zero notice – have greatly impacted them.

The platform states that it has chosen to establish these limits in order to prevent overspending and keep users returning to the site, by ensuring that they can use the platform securely and in total confidence. However, this explanation has not convinced creators of adult content.

The perfect alternative for escorts

Among all this criticism, EscortFans has positioned itself as the only real alternative that guarantees their previous level of income, hassle free. How does it work? The client will have to pay a monthly subscription in exchange for the ability to interact with escorts from around the world. How? By watching their exclusive content, instant messaging or accessing live shows.

EscortFans is the only platform dedicated to escorts. However, it is currently only available for users in Europe. The platform offers many years of experience and is very familiar with the market: that’s why its main aim is to support escorts, who today face various obstacles in carrying out their work. 

Registration is simple and once a user pays their subscription, they’ll have 30 days’ access to an escort’s web channel, through which they can view photos and videos, and access live shows, instant messaging, and blog posts. This way, sex workers can obtain a regular monthly income without restrictions or limitations.

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