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7 Tips on How to Get More Clients From Escort Advertising
If you're new to escorting or have been working for a while and are looking for ways to get more bookings, the first thing you should do is check that you're marketing yourself properly with an online profile or ad.
Clients looking for an escort will spend ages browsing online ads, and the secret to your success is making sure that your profile stands out from the crowd and catches their eye.
All too often, escorts assume that being attractive is enough and although that helps, clients are looking to spend time with their ideal woman. When you work for yourself, you need to do a little marketing to promote yourself as being the lady they're looking for.
Here are some top tips for marketing your escorting service successfully:
1. Have a good Thumbnail Photo. Since website viewers usually go first to the category of their primary interest and see who is available from there, they will be looking over the small thumbnail photos to see who grabs their attention, then they will click that photo to view the corresponding ad. So having a good thumbnail photo that captures the viewer's attention is a must.
2. Have Good Professional Photos. If you put up cheap, blurry photos, you are promoting yourself as a low grade amateur. Our research shows that escorts that use real photos of themselves that are professional, sharp, and colorful get so many more clicks and visitors to their ads that the escort ads that don't.
3. Have your Photo Ad Verified. One way you can get a much better response to your ad is to have your photos verified by Escort-Ads. Send us a photo copy of your ID so we can match your photo ID to the pictures you submitted for your ad. If they match we will Verify your ad by placing a "VERIFIED" tag on it. Then customers will know your ad is real and that you are an independent provider. (all IDs are deleted from our servers right after verification)
4. Change Your Photos Often. Hobbyists visit escort directories as often as people eat when they are hungry. If your ad stays the same its ability to attract viewers will diminish with time. Keep people coming to your ad by changing your photos every 6 - 8 weeks. Try different looks and different outfits. A customer who was not captivated before in your hot bikini just might call you when you model those thigh high fishnet stockings with high heal shoes because he has a foot, pantyhose, or shoe fetish.
5. Use your description to show your glowing personality. While photos are great at showing the client who they are expected to meet, they don’t always represent features such as height very well, they also fail to shed light on how smart and funny you are. Here’s your chance to tell your potential clients your interests and what you’re like:
– Do you laugh a lot?
– Are you dominant or submissive?
– What are your favourite activities?
– What are your interests?
– Are you tall or short, blessed with a bountiful bust or beautiful slim legs?
– What are your favourite features about yourself?
– Do you have tattoos not visible in your photos?
Your description doesn’t have to be too formal unless that’s what you like. Avoid being too crude in your description and save the sex talk for the bedroom. Pretend you’re sitting in a relaxed environment in front of the client, how would you describe yourself face to face?
While many of you might be saying “Guys don’t bother to read my description anyway”, shake things up a little with a well-written description and see how your clientele changes.
6. Buy a Top Position. Our statistics show that escorts who pay for the top positions get consistently more visits to their ad each month than ads that are not prominently placed.
7. Front Page Positioning. We have advertising space on our Home Page where you can get yourself seen first by every visitor to the page, and beat the other advertisers to the punch so to speak. It's like cutting in front of the line at the movies, but here you can pay for it, and your increased response will more than pay for itself.
Will many of the suggestions above cost you a few extra dollars? Sure, but think of it this way. Think of how much more money you'd be losing in lost calls.
Do you have any further ideas on how to create a knockout profile? Please feel free to share in the comments section below. 
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