June Newsletter

Admin | 2017. June 5. - 14:46

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What's New In June
We are proud to announce that we've just reached 19,000 registered members!
These are all your potential clients.
Since we have launched the new website last November, we were focusing on Entertainers accounts, we were implementing many new features to boost your ad, and to give your profile a sleek, modern design.
We were spending endless hours and money on marketing, to get you the right clients.
So, ... the potential clients are here, but we began receiving multiple emails and complaints from them about old, outdated profiles.
Some of you did not even login since 2014, and don't forget, that your last login information is visible on your profile.
Seeing this last login info, clients think that you are not active anymore, or you might even quit the business.
They are afraid to call or message, like Garry, who told us that:
"I feel like a complete idiot messaging, I really like her, but she is not replying, her info is from 2015, is she still around?"
We need to advise them to use advanced search and list the profiles by most recent, or newest.
Mostly they are ending up contacting the Featured Entertainers who are at the top of the list with the most recent photos, updated introductions and latest logins.
Because of these client feedbacks we feel like we are failing our members and we need to improve.
We aim to provide our members the best service, so they can enjoy the website as well.
We encourage you to login daily or weekly, and to keep your ad fresh with up-to-date content and contact information.
Doing so builds confidence in your potential clients that the information on your ad is more likely to be current and accurate.
We are aware of the problem with fake ads and fake profiles on adult sites.
We work hard to ensure that the quality on Escort-Ads is much better than that of any of our competitors, though we also acknowledge it is impossible for us to prevent misuse of our website 100% of the time.
Right now, you are not able to create an account on Escort-Ads.com unless you confirm your email address, and within few weeks we will have phone number verification implemented as well.
After an overwhelming amount of feedback from viewers, clients and new website visitors, Escort-Ads is launching a new ‘EA Authenticated’ validation program.
It is coming next month, but until then we will automatically disable users after 30 days of no login activity.
We encourage you to actively login and keep your profile and contact info current to keep your account active.
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