BRUSSELS – Red-light District in Brussels

Admin | 2017. December 11. - 16:18

Brussels is the capital city of Belgium, it is a city known for being business friendly and it starts from the language, depending on the part of the city that you visit you can find any one of the three languages being spoken: French, English, and Dutch. For the most part, business people and tourist who visit Brussels do not have troubles communicating with the locals, especially where entertainment is concerned. Speaking of entertainment, Brussels has a vibrant adult entertainment scene that is boosted by the diversity of Brussels escorts that offer all different kinds of sex services.

Sex and Prostitution Laws in Brussels

In Belgium, prostitution itself is legal but the law prohibits operating brothels and other forms of pimping, especially the ones that assist immigration for the purpose of prostitution. However, on the ground, the enforcement of these restrictions is not implemented and as such, you can easily find a brothel packed with Brussels escorts originating from all over the world.

Hooking up with Brussels escorts

For the most part, hooking up with hot Brussels escorts is very easy. It makes sense to just walk into any one of the brothels available all over Brussels and get laid. But since brothels are not very legal in Brussels, some people are not comfortable using brothels and as such the use of sex clubs and nude bars becomes an option. In sex clubs, you are presented with a variety of escorts and you choose the ones you want to be entertained by, services in sex clubs include stripping, dirty dancing, role-playing, and sex services in the VIP rooms.

Finding and hiring Brussels escorts online is the current trend when it comes to the prostitution scene in Europe’s capital. Even though prostitution is legal, many Brussels escorts prefer to offer their services online rather than walking the streets. Some brothels and sex clubs also advertise online. The advantage of offering sex services online is that a broader clientele is reached, especially those that are not from Brussels but will be traveling to the city.

So if you are planning a journey to Brussels and would like to get it on with some hot Brussels escorts you can plan well in advance by searching for escorts of your choice online on escort advertising platforms, classifieds and on dating websites. The advantage with looking for escorts online is that you can find the exact type of escort you like and set up the services well in advance.

Red-light districts in Brussels

The red-light districts in Brussels cannot be compared to the ones in Amsterdam but they are pretty good for a place like Brussels. There are quite a number of red-light zones in Brussels, most of which are indicated by dim blue and red glowing neon lights. Some of the well-known red-light zones include:

•    Gare du Nord

This prostitution area is right next to the railway station and very easy to find. There are plenty of girls to choose from, but the area can be a bit unsafe late at night.

•    Boulevard Adolphe Max

This area mostly features sex shops and some escorts tend to pick up clients in and around the shops.

•    Avenue Louise

This place comes to life after midnight, it features street girls and sex workers who come out and solicit near expensive hotels and apartments.