Baltimore – Tourism and escort services in Baltimore

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Baltimore is one of the most popular cities in Maryland. It is a well-known tourist destination located in the Mid-Atlantic region of the US, near Washington D.C. The reason behind this city’s status as a center for tourism and travel is because of the beautiful scenery that is supported by the incredible nightlife. The climate is also great, allowing for continuous nightlife activities throughout the year, including some adult service provided by the beautiful pool of Baltimore escorts.

Red Light Districts in Baltimore

Although it is nowhere near the red light district of Amsterdam, Baltimore has a pretty entertaining area known as The Block that is filled with Baltimore escorts and other adult entertainment venues. The place is called Baltimore’s version of a red light district even though there are no actual red light windows as seen in places like Amsterdam. Many tourists frequent The Block to get it on with some Baltimore’s finest escorts.

  • The Block

Baltimore's The Block is an adult entertainment area that stretches about 400 blocks on East Baltimore Street in Baltimore. The area is home to a number of strip clubs, sex shops, and other adult entertainment centers. Many Baltimore escorts frequent the adult venues in this place to offer their services to potential clients. The place does not have brothels as one would expect of a red light district but it does a great job of compensating for this through the number of erotic dance clubs that continue to increase with each year. The presence of tourists around this place is what is keeping The Block alive and the escorts that work in this area happy.

Street Hookers in Baltimore

Baltimore still has a good number escorts who practice street prostitution. Wilkins Avenue, Washington Boulevard, Monroe Street, and Lombard Street are well known for prostitution.  Driving around these areas is enough to attract some of the area hookers who will come up to your car and offer their services. Since brothels do not exist in Baltimore, when you pick up a street hooker you will have to have sex in your car or take her to your hotel room. Depending on the time, some street hookers will charge you more to go have sex in your hotel room as they consider this type of service time consuming and they would rather have more time to find other clients and make more money.

Baltimore escorts online

In addition to the above-described adult entertainment centers, Baltimore escorts, like many other escorts across the US, offer their services online through escort advertising platforms, personal website and dating websites. Anyone can search, find and hook up with a Baltimore escort online.

Sex and Prostitution laws in Baltimore, Maryland

Despite all the above-described adult activities, prostitution, pimping, and pandering is still a crime in Maryland. The crimes are increased to felonies, with greater penalties, if minors are involved. A person convicted of certain prostitution-related crimes may have to register as a sex offender under Maryland law.