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Q:Do you have a list of clients that you see regularly that you have formed a special bond with? Would you feel 'cheated' if they saw another girl like how hairdressers get mad at you if you get your hair cut somewhere else?

A:I do have a couple of regular guys... I do not, would not feel cheated on however my regulars are faithful to me because of what I bring to the table and how I make the them feel; making them feel like they are the only man that matters while I am with them.

Q:How do you handle first-timers or those who have limited experience with escort services? What are your suggestions to such clients to make your encounter the most enjoyable?

A:Tho I am a professional dater- adult entertainer, I am human just like u! Interested in something that flows... A good, fun time for us both.

Q:If a client decided to make you a present, what would you be happy to receive? What is your wish-list (maybe flowers, lingerie, parfume, music albums, books etc.)?

A:I love perfume, Red Door, White Diamonds, Mambo... Flowers- classic+ but red roses or any other flower arrangement u may think I would like.

Q:What makes you notable among other providers? What exactly, you believe, you're good at? What makes your service unique? What is your favorite kind of service?

A:I enjoy meeting new like minded people. What sets me apart because I believe in mutual respect. I stay in my lane respecting your life. I am a pleaser. I aim to please with in reason. My main objective is to make my guy happy! I genuinely interested in those I meet.

Q:How do you prefer a client to make an appointment? What information is important for you? Is screening required before the appointment?

A:Reading and checking over my website lovelyentertains.com is VERY important to me. I prefer potential friends/clients to call to set sessions up. Text and email or ok not preferred but ok for tasteful inquiries if one might be a apprehensive or shy however I NEVER book sessions through text or email.

Q:Do you ever get nervous before meeting a client? Is it kind of like preparing for a first date?

A:Yes, I do sometimes get nervous meeting someone new. It can be compared to preparing for a first date, the excitement of it all and being able to see what happens a d making a new friend.

Q:What sort of personality qualities does someone need to possess to be a successful escort?

A:Go with your ALWAYS -SAFETY 1ST!

Q:What are your dreams, future goals and aspirations? Short and long term?

A:My future goals and aspirations is to continue to grow my brand, obtaining my Master's degree in psychology and becoming a life, love and sex coach and working with individuals with special needs.

Q:What types of clients do you deny to meet? Are there any restrictions?

A:I will not meet anyone that is rude or disrespectful or corresponds with distasteful inquiries or that does not take the time to read over and check out my website.

Q:Can you tell us a bit about your first escort job?

A:Was working with an agency. Like it but made me realize, I could and wanted to this on my own as an independent provider. Made me realize that I wanted to become a life, love and coach/ counselor and or therapist.

Q:What did you want to be when you were growing up?

A:A teacher, consultant but definitely something in the adult entertainment industry.

Q:Has being an escort changed your view of men?

A:Yes. Being an adult entertainer made me believe in the goodness, kindness and generosity again when it comes to men.

Q:How long have you been working as an escort?

A:I have been an adult entertainer for over twenty years, entertaining privately since 2009.

Q:How did you get into the escort business?

A:For more independence and learn more about about people and adult entertainment.

Q:What's the best bit about being an escort?

A:The best bit about an adult entertainer is meeting like-minded people and forming great long term relationships.

Q:What don't you like about being an escort?

A:What I do not like about adult entertainment is the bad stigma attached to it.... What is wrong with TWO CONSENTING adults do what adults do?!

Q:How often do you work per week?

A:One, two may be three client's/ friends a week. Working four days at nail sslon.

Q:What are your turn-offs?

A:Ignorance, El cheapo's, Hidden agendas

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