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Prostitution in Istanbul: Escorts, Hostess Bars, Brothels

Istanbul, Turkey is one of leading cities when it comes to tourism and nightlife in particular. Many tourists who frequent Istanbul will never be found in their hotel rooms at night unless of course, they are enjoying the company of a hot woman. When night falls in Istanbul, many internationals and locals included head out to enjoy the many exciting activities that the Turkish city has to offer. What draws many internationals to head to Istanbul is the scenery at night coupled with the number of adult activities available as entertainment. Among the famous adult entertainment activities that draw people to Istanbul, the availability of escort and sex services remains on the top of the list, however, themed adult clubs are quickly catching up.

Istanbul Escorts and the law

Adult entertainment in Istanbul is boosted by the constant availability of hot and majestic Istanbul escorts. Istanbul escorts are permitted by the Turkish law to offer adult services including sex! Yes, you read it right, sex work is legal in Turkey! The Turkish law stipulates that it is legal for women to offer sex work in exchange for compensation. The government regulates sex work and sex workers to ensure that the industry remains safe for both the people working as sex workers and for the clients who enjoy it. The law, however, prohibits the promotion of prostitution and anyone who is found to be promoting sex work can face up to 4 years in prison. International escorts are not allowed to enter Turkey for the purposes of working as escorts, this means that the majority of Istanbul escorts are of Turkish nationality. The majority of international escorts working in Istanbul are doing so illegally.

The current Turkish government though has adopted a policy of not issuing new registrations and even though brothels are legal, in some cities, such as Ankara and Bursa, brothels have been demolished by court order. It is for this reason that many new prostitutes remain unregistered.

To work as an Istanbul escort, a woman has to be registered and acquire an ID card stating the dates of their health checks. All registered sex workers are required to undergo mandatory regular health checks for sexually transmitted diseases. As such, the authorities perform routine checks on registered prostitutes and establishments to verify their registration and their health statuses.

Adult nightlife in Istanbul

Because prostitution is largely legal in Turkey, the adult nightlife options are unlimited. One can seek out and engage with escorts without being at odds with the law. In addition to being able to pay for sex services, adults in Istanbul can enjoy the many different themed clubs that offer thrilling adult entertainments. These themed clubs are also called Hostesses Clubs, they are run by some hostesses who satisfy various sexual fantasies like voyeurism and BDSM.

Strip clubs and erotic massage centers are also very popular in Istanbul and usually, sex services are available on offer too.

Sex services in Istanbul

Finding sex service in Turkey is not very difficult, in fact, street prostitutes can be found patrolling around the high-end hotels known to host international visitors, making it easy to hire one and take them up to your hotel room.

Istanbul does not have the traditional red-light windows but red-light districts do exist. Istanbul Red Light Area has a number of luxury brothels that are affordable to many. You can also find and hire escorts in Istanbul online via escort agencies and other websites that offer escort services.

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