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Sex Tourism In Thailand

For a long time now Thailand has been largely regarded as the capital of sex tourism with millions of foreigners traveling to Thailand each year to visit some of the famous red light districts. In fact, prostitution is so big in Thailand so much that even the Thai massage is regarded as a massage with a ‘happy ending.’ But all this is set to change soon, the Thai government through the ministry of tourism is seeking to abolish the country’s oldest profession. Most believe prostitution is legal in Thailand, but it is not, it is not strictly illegal either. Officials have largely turned a blind eye to the industry because of the income it generates for both the country and its citizens, but that does not mean laws against solicitation and public nuisance are not in effect. So to anyone who is wondering if sex work is legal in Thailand, the answer is that up until July 2016 prostitution has been tolerated and partly regulated but since then the Thai government has announced that it will be taking a stronger approach against the trade. read more

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