Would You Sleep Without Me?

Toronto Companion | 29 Dec 2021 - 07:49
Would You Sleep Without Me?

Would you sleep without me? Sleeping with me would keep you awake! And keeping awake is what people in today’s at least western society certainly do way too much of – to the cost of their health, productivity, and quality of life. Do you sleep enough? Or do you cast this beautiful gift down the priorities list?

This society lives in constant sleep deprivation.
And getting it to sleep more requires serious work. Paradoxically, even though people are sufficiently educated about the adverse effects of sleeping too little, most don’t seem to notice… And when things start going wrong with them, most hardly look for the cause in not sleeping enough.

Sleep deprivation signals to us by making us feel burnt out.
There’re people who think that burnout is essential for achievement and success. And as man is excellent at adapting, those people get so used to burnout that they’re not aware that they’re exhausted. That makes being tired the new norm. Some people view sleep as boring. Hence to them sleeping little is an act of pride – they say ‘we don’t need to sleep!’. But there’s huge economic cost to not sleeping enough. We think that we sacrifice sleeping for productivity, but we lose productivity to sickness, weakness, health risks listed below, and poorer mental capacity. People’s addiction to technology doesn’t help either – people find it harder to pick a time to disconnect and go to sleep,

But we’re not machines – we cannot minimize downtime.
Most of us need 7 to 9 hours of sleep. Everyone has an optimal length of sleeping time. Transition to sleep also affects its quality. If we wake up at night, there’s no need to stress about it. Segmented sleep is absolutely normal. But if we don’t slow our brains down before sleeping, they will activate immediately on waking up. If you wake up at night, ground yourself on your feet, have a drink of water, and do not go to technological devices nor any other work. Enjoy the calmness of the night and the fact that you have time to relax and meditate with no limit.

If you don’t start sleeping enough, you may:
be susceptible to virueses
be susceptible to inflammation
get Alzheimer’s – the lymphatic system of our brains functions best in sleep = toxins are washed away. No sleep = toxins accumulate in braincells = toxic buildup is associated with Alzheimer’s
get fat. Lack of sleep affects fat control. Sleep deprived people set the alarm to go to the gym = the worst thing they can do, because a sleep deprived body releases hormones that crave sugar and carbs – the things we don’t want to eat a lot of when maintaining low body fat. Keep sleeping and exercise in equal balance.
get diabetes – connected to obesity
get stress – hypertension – heart disease
not be able to process simple info
get outbursts of anger
get mood swings
have a problem getting your joystick to rise to the occasion.
Many corporate executives don’t sleep enough
due to their workload, addiction to technological devices, and desire to play as hard as they work. But the trend is – slowly – changing. Many CEOs say that they need 8 hours to be the most effective. Airlines and the hotel industry compete who gives the best sleeping experience. The U.S. and NZ allow advertising sleeping aids which keep us awake while sleep deprived and do things we don’t fully or at all know we do… How sick is that? Chronic use of sleeping pills damages health. Nature certainly didn’t design the human body to eat pills of chemicals.

Every man can dramatically improve
his health, productivity, and quality of life by this simple resource freely available to all of us – sleep. Change your mindset about it, then change your habits.

Sleep in a dark room. Darkness makes the body excrete melatonin essential for its repair.
Sleep in a quiet room. Silence soothes and heals.
Don’t have electronic devices in the sleeping room. They emit electromagnetic waves which are bad for us and our energy fields.
Clear your energy field before sleeping – it will help you fall asleep and sleep better.
Don’t read books, watch TV, nor use mobile devices in bed. If you do, you confuse the brain: it knows that it’s in bed, thus thinks it should go to sleep, yet you’re making it concentrate. Therefore the brain finds it hard to slow down and switch off.
Use your bed only for making love and sleeping. Create a sleeping ritual – it will set a marking line for the brain between day and night.
If you haven’t slept well, nap during the day asap. It will help you recharge.
Start sleeping enough
– be happier, more focused, calmer, more productive, healthier, thinner, more attractive, more grounded, emotionally stable, more fun to be around. Some good coaching can start you on this track. Would you like to talk about it?

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