Top 4 Differences Between Escorting and Prostitution

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Top 4 Differences Between Escorting and Prostitution

For a long time I’ve heard people argue on whether or not Escorting is just Legal Prostitution or if it’s something completely different. I, personally, believe that it’s something completely different entirely. A league of it’s own if you would. Here are the Top 4 Differences between Escorting and Prostitution.  
1: Time 
Escort ---- You pay for the time they spend with you, the cuddles, the dates. Sometimes an Escort is almost like a therapist. They listen to how your day went, they listen to the troubles you’ve been having at home, and they’re there to comfort you. You pay for the companionship.  
Prostitute ---- You aren’t paying her for her time, you are paying her Pimp for the time in which you will be soliciting her services. 9 out of 10 times it’s a quick wham, bam, thank you ma’am and keept it moving type thing. There is no time for cuddles or talking. I’ve heard somewhere a Pimp said, time was money and that stuff was extra.  
2: Place of Business  
Escort: ​Most Escort Businesses are rather high class and professional. You won’t catch people with flip flops, dirty jeans and dirty looks in this place. You are what you attract. 
 Prositute: ​No disrespect to these ladies but more often than not you’ll find them on street corners, in alleys or run down buildings. Sometimes they will be with their Pimps where ever they are and sometimes you’ll even find them in clubs but it’s rare that you find them in high class places. 
3: Disease and Drug Free 
Escorts: ​It is a top priority in the Escorting Business that the beautiful ladies get screened on a regular basis. When their clients meet them they are not doped up on drugs either. It’s not a very professional look.  
 Prostitute: ​Not all but the vast majority of prosititues are hooked on something as a means to cope or as a means for their Pimp to have control over them, sometimes they are forced to become alcoholics or addicts just to survive. It’s not a pretty life.  
4: Paid 
Escort: ​You pay for the experience, you pay for having a piece of eye candy on your arm as you attend different events, you pay to feel loved and comforted, you pay for the therapy.  
 Prositute: ​In the words of either a movie or a comedian.. You’re paying them to leave.  
This article, though a touchy subject, was written in a light hearted tone. Yes, it is true a lot of people will argue that Escorts and Prostitutes are the same but it’s a matter of opinion and everyone has one. However, being an Escort is safer in all regards than prostitution which is not something to be taken lightly. The abuse is real, the drug addiction is real and sadly it is the way of life for some unfortunate women. Despite their professions, they all should still be treated with the same respect as you would want to be treated. Remember to have fun and stay safe.

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