Upper Midwest states Tour

Hazel Hayes Vip | 31 May 2020 - 12:47
Upper Midwest states Tour

Heading Across The Upper Midwest States for A Tour...

Leaving June 1st First stop Salt lake city Utah till 3rd..

Second stop Cheyenne WY June 3rd to 5th ..

Third stop Lincoln NEBRASKA one day only June 5th..

Fourth stop June 6th-8 Will be Omaha NEBRASKA..

Fifth stop is Des Moines Ia from June 8th to 10th ..

Sixth stop is Chicago suburbs June 10th to 13th...

Seventh stop is Milwaukee WI from 13th to 15th ..

Eight stop is Minneapolis Mn 15th-17th again I'll be in Suburbs not downtown...

Ninth stop will be Bismarck Nd 17th-19th...

Tenth stop Pierre SD 19th to 21st 

Eleventh stop 21st-23rd Billings MT 

Twelfth and final stop is Boise Id 23rd-25th 

Then home to #LasVegas 

Hugs HAZEL Hayes 


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