Shameful clients

Submitted by Scarlett Raine on Sat, 04/04/2020 - 03:19

Over the past few weeks I've seen multiple remarks from "hobbyists" about how "it's time to take back control" of the market and "drive prices back down to where they should be." Absolutely sickening! 

The world as a whole is going through tough times. Many are hurting, those inThe sex industry more than most. I have never been more appalled by my client base. This is a time when we should offer each other support and understanding. We are learning lessons about taking things for granted, discovering exactly how much in our lives is considered a luxury vs. what is essential to survive.

Yet, y'all have decided to view this as a chance to capitalize on the suffering and desperation of these women (..and men) with the hopes that you'll soon get Dom Perignon with a budget more fit for Pabst Blue Ribbon. Really?!

So that is what little you think of the industry that caters solely to your (often selfish) illicit desires. Let's get one thing straight, the vulnerability of people, that day in and out perform explicit requests you'd dare not mention in public, is not yours to exploit. Who Do you think you are?

One thing we can all agree upon, is that this virus has acted as a great equalizer. Your money, economic class, influence, political affiliation or social acceptance.. none of that matters. We are all vulnerable. So what right do you have to stand there on A pedestal and attenuate services that you utilize everyday for nothing more than personal benefit? Bottom line is YOU DON'T!

Indeed, there are some respectable clients out there who have sympathized and shown increasing generosity and gratitude. Not all providers are fortunate enough to have clients like that to rely on. Many providers are stuck with arrogant pigs with this ignorant mindset.

I do recognize that there are many providers out there that do not offer the same quality services as others. Every once in a while you may get a lackluster performance, bad attitude, and rushed execution but I find it hard to believe that these instances are from those charging the higher amounts you wish to drive down. From what i've witnessed this is far more common with types of providers that are already offering $60 QVs and seeing a higher volume of clients than those charging prices you don't think you should have to pay. 

Food for thought: maybe it's because of clients like you that providers like that have grown so jaded. Maybe years of constantly having their worth being questioned and being disrespected, pressured, demeaned, taken advantage of, and forgotten, has brought them to the point where they don't care and just go through the motions.

Regardless of what brings them to offer services that leave the consumer dissapointed, here's the kicker... You are not obligated to continue to see them, you don't have to keep giving them your money. Your continued complaints that lead you to believe that you shouldn't have to pay high dollar prices for luxury services are based on none other than your own stupidity.

Those providers you are bitching about are going to continue to go about the same way because you keep giving them your money seeking the lowest rate you can get. Where is the common sense?

If you buy $10/mo phone service but it seems like every call ends up dropped, downloads take all day, and signal shows one 

Bar on a good day... Do u go out and sign up for another $10 service or do u invest a little more for something higher quality? You gonna rant and rave about how the more reliable company should let you have their service for $10? You would be laughed at.

Which is what i wish All providers would start doing to misogynistic idiots like you. So you think Sex work isn't worth the prices you see, huh? That the services provided do not justify the cost to partake? Stop fooling yourselves and stop underestimating our intelligence as if we eventually will Agree.

I believe in facts. You make a constant effort to try to wheel and deal by minimizing the value you place on sex, claims about it not being worth the exorbitant price. Here we are in a global health crisis, where the distance we keep from one another is imperative when It comes to our own personal well being. Yet, every day I continue to deny an alarming amount of booking requests, reminding people of what a risk that would be.

You expect us to believe that a majority of you, devalue sex? All the while showing us you want it so badly your Willing to gamble with not only your life but the lives of others. Shut the fuck up!

If I were financially able, I'd gladly cover the loss of donation just to have the pleasure of knowing that a provider who was desperate told you to take your $60 and shove it up ur ass!

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