Seeking a True Gent for the True Courtesan

GillianRose | 22 Aug 2018 - 03:49
Seeking a True Gent for the True Courtesan

 "The very  core of a man’s living spirit for  desire’s and, needs are  his PASSION for adventure, fiery lust, a sensual woman that will captivate him"

Hello to all the amazing gentlemen,
My  Name is GillianRose

I'm more of an authentic, fun dinner date, girlfriend- next-door courtesan and less of the ly-staged-PSE "entertainer escort."

Time is our most valuable resource, and I choose to spend time with a small, exclusive circle of male friends.
My preference is for longer being I do choose to cater to a small number of gentlemen who value what I offer and, prefer quality over quantity.

I can PROMISE you that your chivalry will never go unnoticed with me! I can fully give you my promise with saying that. It is not a cliche line like in many profiles.

From the moment our luxurious date starts  all my attention and, focus is making you feel like the true man you are.

I TRULY pride myself on being a sophisticated, lady with an out going and,funny personality.

You will be pleasantly surprised by my grace,intellect and, passionate personality.
I am very passionate about many things that go on in this world I spent a lot of my time doing volunteer work I don't know if I can make a difference in this world but I definitely try!
I am always trying to better educate myself if it is learning a different LANGUAGE OR TRYING TOO!! 


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