My experience as a mature Melbourne escort

Catherine Luss | 30 Jun 2019 - 21:14
My experience as a mature Melbourne escort

Its ironic that I am sitting here today writing this . When I began in the industry thing s were very different. we all looked out for each other clients were very well behaved and treated me with incredible respect. I fell into this work , but I inow it was always meant to be. I answered an add in the newspaper , yes the hardcopy type . The woman was looking for  receptionist . I met here in a hotel bar , that in itself should have given me a clue it may not be the 9-5 office job. I was fascinated . she gave me  a trial that night and I havge never looked back. I answered the phote took appopintments organized the girls and the drivers . I loved it as was full on and I loved chatting with the clients , they were so interesting and polite to me. I was very good at it. One night asI was at my desk the boss come in dropps a pile of money down then heads out again comes back and does the same thing . she got my attention. I decided to try it , but would do only overnighters or longer appointments.

 I get to the hotel door , knees were shaking my whole body was shaking and knocked on the door. He invites me in ,. He was an attractive business man from overseas . Very charming and articulate. He offered me a drink I could barley talk , I was shaking that much. He asked if I had ever done this before . Ogf course I said yes a few times . My glass was shaking , but I was to scared to move. Drank a whole bottle of scotch that night , and never touched it since. Anyway it all wnet well we get into bed do the deed . we slept woke up in the morning and I had started my monthly due to the shock of it all. He was not happy , and wouldnt believe I didnt know it was due. I always used protection in a time when many didnt this was before aids became wide spread . I have been fired from an agency for not going without protection , a month later they asked me back because I was so popular. I have never had the pretty girl look I do look unique and I am always myself. When I mould myself into your perception of what you want part of me is always present. I try to be the best version of me that I can. One of the hardest things I have learned is to be myself. That i do not need anyone to define me or make me complete . I am with you by choice, because I want to be. 

 One of the first jobs I ever had was working in an industry that was heavily involved in the womens movement. Now that was different and a real eye opener. But I will leave that part of my life until next time . Escorting in Australia is so different than the rest of the world. It is a lot easier as today its legal or decrimilised in most states.This does make it easier for the independents and the  agency/brothel owners. we pay taxes and do all the normal stuff.I actually got a tax return this year . First one since 1994 . I was head hunted by Australias leading agency in 

the ninties .OMG the clients werte absolutely fantastic .. The agency had 2 prices one hour or four hours for dinner and date. Most clients booked four hour  dates. then they would keep booking you all night .  The madam was the best I have ever worked for . All the girls were chosen carefully . There were only eight of us and we worked four days a week . Any drugs boyfriends alcohol etc you were out the door. If the client booked you after 2 am you got to keep all the money. as far as I know no one ever cheated her . Loyalty is more important to me that honesty.I will leave you for now as I have to go out. Until we meet again 

Catherine mature Melbourne escort x

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