More Website Drama

Alicat | 09 Apr 2018 - 12:25
More Website Drama

Government bullying has many websites in the adult industry running scared.... but not me!

I have lost yet another host, and am in the process of designing my own website now. Please bare with me.

I am still active daily on Twitter &, and still signing in to sites like Escort-Ads, every day. 

My email is active and I have upgraded to premium status on proton mail and am running my webmail through it as well.

I hope to have brand spanking new website up and running by the end of the week!! With an independent host that is not associated with the adult industry.

I am still planning my trip to #Atlanta and am pre-booking for 4/17-18. I don't have enough interest to guarantee my trip yet, so if you would like to see me, please let me know.

I will definitely be in #Houston 4/27-28 and may extend my trip. Pre-booking is still recommended!

Just a reminder that I screen everyone and will not meet you if I can't verify who you are. I am newbie friendly, so no references is not a deal breaker. Contact me for more information!

Stay Safe!!! Have Fun!!!!!




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