disABLEd? all are welcome!

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Abled or differently abled, people are sexual creatures with intimacy needs. What makes us physical different doesn't change that human need.

However, differently abled persons face additional considerations when seeking a partner. In my personal life, I have a close friend who requires life in a wheelchair. I see her as a beautiful, fun loving, hilarious girl. But many people dont see her at all, at least not beyond the girl in the wheelchair. Worse than that, sitting in a wheelchair doesnt put her at eye level with most people and she constantly has to fight to be noticed. Her chair requires more room to move and turn about. Things on the top shelf are out of her reach. And many older buildings are not im compliance with ramp & elevator codes making it impossible for her to go where she pleases. Beyond her day-to-day frustrations, her days and weeks are full of doctor appointments at different places and picking up medications. It can be a full time job just to exist.

But my friend, like many differently abled suitors, are the same as everyone else when it comes to being human with hopes, dreams, wants, and needs.

I am "disabled friendly" - regardless of your condition or medical needs, I am 100% comfortable spending time with you and enjoying your company. It can be uncomfortable or anxiety-producing to inquire whether or not a provider is "disabled friendly." I often forget that those new to me - Heather Riley - may not be aware of my love & acceptance of all people.

While I hope that other providers can handle disabled inquiries with grace and dignity, I'm aware that all providers have their boundaries. I encourage differently abled suitors to not be afaid to reach out. We are professionals and its likely you aren't the first to inquire with your specific condition. Send your introduction email as we require and make sure to mention your additional needs and considerations.

I am in the business of people and you, abled or differently abled, are welcome here!

Heather Riley XO

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