A leter to a local client:

African Elegance Escorts | 17 Dec 2017 - 09:37
A leter to a local client:

A leter to a local client:

You must be aware that I am extremely selective for my clients and I normally do not meet Senegalese men. My reason for this is that the vast majority are vulgar, impolite, and absolutely tolerate no respect for a woman apart, perhaps for their mothers and sisters. By taking local African clients we expose ourselves to false appointments, non-payment, bad jokes, insecurity of the homes, trap with several people, lack of total respect, hidden camera, etc. They will try to trap me. Let us give you some concrete and lived examples from our sisters in the cooperative:
•     "A man for my city once came to my apartment building and asked one of his Gabonese friends to call me to trap me.
•     "Most of the time we risk moving around for nothing. There will be no one to at the place of the appointment. Price of the taxi is lost to say nothing of the waste time."
•     "A hidden man-child who observes me, turns off his mobile phone, watches and waits.”

•"There are those who do not want to pay, or who are penniless  tell you that they want to see you and who will tell you that they have only 12 UDD to spend."
•     "Once a man said he was from the Caribbean. I found him at the hotel and I realised he was a local man. For men like him the deception is a game."
•    "Those who understand that I do not accept the local men as clients send an SMSs to say they are white or African from other countries. When I ask them to call to conclude, after the SMS, I have a Senegalese voice with the strong accent that calls me. I hang up or they do not call after the SMS because they know he does not have the right accent."
For these reasons we feel it is better not to expose ourselves to these disappointments; to the waste of money in useless taxi travel, to exposes ourselves to unreasonable risk. If you do not like this decision it is for you our African brother to change your ways. We are bore holes with tits! We insist that I be respected while I respect myself. If you sincerely love the company of a beautiful and caring woman and are really motivated to see me, write to me. To convince me that, for our meeting, you have something more interesting than the coupling of animals.

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