How much money can you make as an escort?

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In the escort industry, there's not much data available on salaries. Unless you're in a big city, it can be tough to find out what an average salary is. After all, the industry is still illegal in many places. It might protect them, but it's understandable that people and companies aren't willing to share numbers with potential customers.


There are many individuals that have spoken up on the topic of how much escorts make, but not all of them provide accurate answers. However, we made sure to study the topic extensively in order to present you with an accurate answer. After reading our article, you will have a better understanding of income for companionship services. If you're planning to become an escort yourself or if you're doing research on current rates, this article will provide you with everything you need to know.



Why Are Escort Services Generally Expensive?

The escort industry is generally stigmatized, and people aren't usually open about it. But most of us have formed an opinion about it — Hollywood. The issue here is that these movies are often just a bit extreme. One movie might portray being an escort as glamorous and profitable, while another portrays it as dark, dangerous, and unpleasant. The reality for most escorts lies somewhere in between the two extremes: not so bad on the one hand and not so great on the other.

The idea of having close relationships with people you don't know can be difficult. This is why being a sex worker can be hard on your mental and physical health. Indeed, in some cases, escorts can even get put in dangerous situations. That's why their services are usually expensive and because the risks are their main concern. The main reasons why escorts cost so much money is because they're providing you with an experience that it would be difficult to find elsewhere.



Female Escorts vs. Male Escorts

One of the most common misconceptions about the escort industry is that it consists exclusively of female escorts. Interestingly, more than 20% of all escorts are actually males, providing services for other males. The number of male escorts who specialize in female clients only is surprisingly small.

How can you figure out how much escorts earn? Our research has shown that it definitely depends on the gender. Let's examine the key differences between how female and male escorts conduct their business to see how this affects their salary.

Female escorts and male escorts are two completely different sets of individuals. Female escorts can be found everywhere, from agencies to brothels. Male escorts, on the other hand, operate independently for the most part. Agencies will only have a few male escorts available on offer at any given time, if any.

A lot of female escorts work with clients of the opposite sex. These clients tend to outnumber the few male escorts who work with other males, too, who work predominantly with male clients.

When they hire a escort, most people usually meet a female escort first. Unless you're looking for something more sexual, it will generally be shorter than when you meet with a male escort. When hiring escorts, people mostly want to get to know them before any physical intimacy starts. This goes for both male and female clients who are hiring either type of escort.

Men hired by women typically solely act as a escort, not engaging in sexual relations. Three out of four trysts usually end up with sex. A woman hires a male escort and there'll most likely be sex on the first date.



Factors That Affect Escort Prices

Escorts charge a variety of rates based on their experience, type of occupation, and current location. Here are some factors that may affect their rates:

-Age -Experience  -Location




This is probably the most important factor in answering the question: how much do escorts make? In most cases, escorts who work and live in cities with higher living standards will charge more in order to make a decent living. So for example, an escort who operates primarily within the US cannot expect to maintain the same rates as, let’s say, India. If you live in a big city, you have higher living expenses. Naturally, you would adjust your pricing to accommodate your lifestyle.




Here's the gist: the more attractive an escort is, the better they'll be at their job. Though beauty standards are subjective, there are some standards everyone can agree on. A escort that is healthy and physically attractive can charge more for their time than someone who is not. This often comes into play when determining how much do escorts make.



Age & Experience

There's no set standard for an appropriate rate for an escort. As you gain experience in the industry, you'll earn more. You can expect to make your peak earnings between the ages of 26 and 30. After that, unfortunately, age starts playing a negative effect. Those above thirty tend to lower their rates despite their experience. Still, there are plenty of people who are happy to hire a more experienced escort. The bottom line is, there are lots of fish in the sea.



Quality of Service, Personal Charisma

In the past, an escort became sexually involved with their client in order to provide sexual services. The dominant factors in this industry used to be location and appearance. Today, escorts are hired not just for sex, but for conversation as well. Escorts who are more charismatic, intelligent, and considerate are valued more than those who aren't. All people who work in this industry should know about this fact.

When considering providers, customers often pay more for those who are willing to go the extra mile to satisfy them. It's important for providers to present their personality and about themselves first, rather than just selling their body. These providers can expect to earn more.



Business Conduct

There are two ways an escort can make money: by being self-employed or working for an agency. Self-employment offers a lot of freedom in terms of setting prices and keeping all earnings, but limits potential earnings as fees will have to be paid. Working for an agency is very rewarding because escorts can still charge high rates and make lots of money, but they have to pay a commission to the agency.




How Much You'll Make As A Prostitute – Streetwalkers This is the way prostitution originated in ancient times. However, since all prostitutes in this category are just providing sexual favors in exchange for money, it's mostly considered just prostitution by most people. Even though this type of sex work comes with its own inherent risks, streetwalkers actually make less money at it than the rest and also place themselves in a lot more danger. Streetwalking is risky and should be avoided at all costs.



Brothel Workers

Functional brothels have specific locations that are easily identifiable. Rates are higher than standard rates because the workers must pay their rent to the owner of the brothel. These so-called window workers present themselves in storefronts, enticing passersby to go into the brothel and make use of their services. In places like Amsterdam, for example, window workers give some of their payment as commission to the owner of the building.

Most prostitutes are not able to set their own price. They are often paid at a set rate by the brothel owner. Whether they have good looks, charisma, or skills doesn't matter. Selling sex is their job and they must pay commissions to their boss every day.



Bar & Casino Workers

What is the average hourly wage for a companion? Bar Workers: Bar escorts often hang out at bars or casinos and identify suitable customers. They would then approach them, flirt with them, and eventually offer their services. If the bar escorts took place in a hotel, sex would happen right there and then or sometime later. In some sense, they are very similar to street walkers, but they may charge higher rates depending on what type of establishment they choose to work at.



Independent Escorts

Wanna earn more money? Independent Escorts let you keep all the profit for yourself, but they still have to pay for a variety of expenses. Some of these include advertising, rent for in-call services, and transportation for out-call services. That makes them able to charge higher prices while working less due to their flexible hours. You can find independent escorts on the best escort apps.



Agency Escorts

Brothel workers will only work at the brothel, but agencies can send escorts to clients’ locations of choice. The agency will handle advertising and screening customers, making it easy for you. These agencies also perform a escort screening, so they know who they're sending out to you. In most cases, the person in charge of organizing meetings is also in charge of advertising and gets paid out of the escort's commission. The agency and escorts split the rest equally. Agency escorts are more likely to earn more — based on the agency itself, their appearance, and their skillset — because high-end VIP escorts make significantly more money than regular escorts do.



Are High-Priced Escorts Worth What They Cost?

Now you know how escort rates are set. You might be wondering then, why some providers offer their services at expensive prices. In most cases, escorts charge more because they offer a unique and unusual experience that can't be obtained anywhere else. These individuals know what they want to offer and where their clients are coming from: people who have the resources to pay for their premium services.

On one hand, you should never underestimate a provider who works for less. This is often an inexperienced provider who doesn't know what his or her actual worth is. Never take a low price as a sign of poor or inadequate services. Checking out the best escort review websites and forums can give you an idea of the price/quality ratio for different providers.

Companions often define their rates based on their physical attractiveness, but they always factor in experience as well. If they know that they can offer sexual services of the highest quality, it's only logical for them to ask for more money. In addition to that, many high-paying companions perform specific services for which they charge extra money. A few examples include , PSE,GFE,anal, and bareback blowjobs.



How Much Do Female Companions Make?

How much do companions make on average? It varies on the many hours they are willing to put in. We took the time to research and analyze the price ranges of many of the best escort directories and agencies. After looking at our data, we have found that women escorts rates can range between $150-$2000 per hour — which is a large difference. The reason for rates to vary so much is because service quality is highly subjective. For example, escorts who take the time to polish their appearance, character, and performance overall get paid more than those who do not try as hard. However, general criteria we explored above still apply—location, age, and experience are still very important when it comes to determining an escort's rate.

Location plays a big role when it comes to companionship rates. In order to give you an idea of different rates around the world, we put together a table of average independent escort rates in popular areas. Check it out below and see how the price changes depending on location!



North America


New York           $600 – $1200

Miami                 $300 – $800

Los Angeles       $450 – $900

Denver               $600 – $1200

Las Vegas          $250 – $750

Toronto              $200 – $400





London         $250 – $800

Amsterdam   $170 – $350

Paris             $250 – $600

Berlin            $250 – $600

Moscow        $120 – $500

Athens          $120 – $250





Dubai         $300 – $800

Sidney        $400 – $600

Tokyo         $300 – $600


Of course, these are just the average cost of services based on location. Depending on the parameters we discussed earlier, rates can change in either direction. Still, this table can give you a good idea of what to expect in those cities.



How Much Do Male Escorts Make?

Male escorts make significantly less money than female ones. For example, a client may ask a male escort to accompany them on a date at a restaurant, drinks at the Ritz Carlton bar and have sex in the client's hotel room, which would cost approximately $100 an hour. Female escorts charge twice as much - around $200-$400 per hour. The highest-priced male escort we found charged over $350 per hour. However, even among cheaper escorts there is still a discrepancy in what people are willing to pay for men vs. women - with lower rates for both services offered by male companions and higher rates for female escorts.



How do Male Escorts get by?

You may think you're getting sex from a male escort, but that's not always the case. Male escorts can make extra cash by fulfilling fantasies they wouldn't want to admit to anyone. They often make more money when it comes to negotiating prices.

A client's desire for a male escort will typically lead to them getting to know him before asking for sex. For example, escorts often set 2-hour minimums, but the average session actually lasts around 4-6 hours.

Men tend to spend more time getting ready for their date, since they're usually the one doing all the planning. This is yet another reason why men aren't seen as often on the site than women are. Unless the client is hiring an escort to accompany them to a specific event, it's up to the provider to plan and execute every aspect of the date.

There are few agencies that provide companionship for male clients. Most providers have to advertise and screen themselves. When it comes to generating new business, I prefer online advertisements in directories. You can tell if a guy is offering a full-service male-to-male experience by the pictures on their profile, as they tend to be pretty explicit. Therapists and other guys who are not necessarily looking for full-service will use more subtle imagery.




Male companions who are straight have difficulty attracting male customers. The demand is so low, in fact, that some of these companions end up having to serve male customers even though they're not gay at all. When they do this, they advertise themselves as "gay for pay." This ensures a steadier stream of clients and enough money to make a living.



How should an independent escort set their rates?

When evaluating your wages as an escort, it can be hard to determine exactly how much you should charge. There are simply too many variables at play, and the needs of your clients are subjective. That's why there are some guidelines about how much determines reasonable rates for escorts.

The question of how much a companion makes can be answered by performing an online search. Simply start by looking at profiles of similar companions in the area and check what the average rates are. If you're new to the market, you may want to set your price lower than the local average rate, advertising that you're new in business. Many people looking for a escort service are specifically interested in just that. Another way to start strong is to offer reduced rates for each consecutive hour - this will help you get longer bookings and more cash.

Put on your entrepreneurship thinking cap and start brainstorming. Put yourself in the mindset of what you're willing, able, and competent enough to do. Then make a list of extra services that you can provide and set a fixed price for them. Things like anal, BBBJ, and cum in mouth are often charged separately from the main service.

It's important to go the extra mile and fulfill your customers' every need. Escorting is no longer just about sex, although requirements for providers of sexual services have always been high. If you can offer a service that customers want and enjoy, make sure to emphasize it because companions who provide such services charge more than the standard companions.


Setting the Right Price for Escort Services

There are three important factors to consider when determining your professional escort salary. Your gender does not matter. If you're female, male, or something else, these are the factors you'll want to include in your pricing. By following those guidelines, you'll be sure that your escort business will be a success right out of the gate.



Know Your Value

The most important thing to remember about the escort industry is that you are worth exactly what you estimate. Your value is determined by how attractive, experienced and popular you are as well as the types of services you offer compared to your competitors. You need to think beyond sex when it comes to clients, because most wealthy people want more than just a one-night stand. That's why escorts who offer more than just sex tend to earn a lot more money.



Segment Your Market

One way to expand your business and earn more is by offering different pricing for each customer. Some ways of doing this are based on time, the specific needs of a client, their social status, or the location you should be in. For example, escorts that travel will change their pricing based on the city they're currently working in. You can also charge less for times of the week or day when you expect less potential customers.



Create a Service Portfolio

One complimentary service, among others, is having someone you can call if a customer is looking for a threesome. You could have different rates for different services and rewards for long-term customers. Many successful escorts also offer discounted rates for return visitors to make it worth their time and give them one more reason to come back.



Making More Money as an Escort

If you want to earn more as a escort, there are a few things you can explore. You'll increase your earning potential by exploring the following ways of making more money as a escort.



Providing Extra Services

How much do escorts make? - 3 Factors that Affect Escort Prices Many factors contribute to how much you can charge. Increased demand and pushing your physical boundaries are great ways to grow your earnings. Some services, such as these unusual ones, are not common but provide a lucrative income opportunity.


Anal sex

Bareback blowjobs

GFE (girlfriend experience)

PSE (pornstar experience)

Keep in mind that companions who work at high rates are expected to do more than just the typical.



Working Overtime

Although escorts can be successful financially, it can be very taxing both physically and emotionally. Escorts should try to only work an average of 10 hours a week. Of course, some escorts are capable of working two or three times those hours while still making enough money to suit their needs. But such excessive working hours can lead to burnout and intense physical and emotional distress. What an escort needs is a way to find a healthy balance between work and life without being overworked or feeling exploited.



Some Extra Pieces of Advice

Now, we're nearing the end of our article on what escorts usually make. Throughout it, we'll discuss a few other important things. First, most escorts will ask for a deposit. If you're meeting them in the same area, the deposit will be about 30% of your planned meeting cost. However, if they need to travel somewhere to meet with you, they might request 100% of your payment upfront. This is to ensure the escort's time isn't wasted- if they don't receive your funds and you don't show up, there's no way to get back the time they reserved for you. Now that's out of the way, let's talk about deposits. They are usually non-refundable because escorts' time can't be refunded once it's been reserved without notice from either party.


Next, you need to know that being an escort is not a part-time job. It can be difficult to juggle a different work commitments with escorting, but it's possible. However, given the physical and emotional demands of this line of work, it could easily be considered a full-time job. The desired lifestyle of an escort will have a large effect on their rates. If you want to succeed as an escort, you'll need to invest heavily in your own needs: acquiring good clothing, makeup, education, and regular STD checks.

As a result of not being able to find an escort, many people will search online directories. Make sure you put your name on these too, so that people who are looking for someone like you will quickly find you.



Final Thoughts

Thanks for reading our in-depth article on how much companions make. You should now have a better understanding of the industry and what rates are determined. If you're just starting out and want to make money as an escort, or if you're a professional researching the topic, you now have all the information needed to accurately measure your value and set adequate rates. Before entering the industry, however, make sure that sex work is legal in your area.

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