How I Create the Pictures That You See on My Official Site

Toronto Companion | 01 Aug 2020 - 04:26
How I Create the Pictures That You See on My Official Site

While most women who usually sell different things from what I do have pictures on their sites from one room in one outfit in several poses, I’m proud to have differentiated myself on this point from the start. But how much effort goes into the pictures that you see on my site?


Hire higher

I have the advantage of contributing to the world in the role of a commercial model. This, of course, makes it easier for me to obtain pictures from different locations and sceneries. But still, I firstly have to get hired for an assignment! That’s not an easy feat in a world where every other citizen does what I do. Models of all shapes, sizes, ages, and looks are ten a penny, or dime a dozen in every city of every country. So brands or individuals who need pictures will hire me only if I have exactly the look they need.

Getting to the scene

Once I’m hired, I have to get to the location of the assignment. Do you think brands will pay for models’ traveling? They will not 9 out of 10 times. Time is money. [See this and this.] And if the assignment is in another city or country, my time starts ticking from the moment when I learnt that someone hired me. I have to plan my schedule, prepare things I’ll need for the trip, sometimes even organize my transport, get there, and do 100 other preparations for the shoot.

Shooting the pictures

The shoot itself will, of course, take time. Some shoots take an hour, others two, three, even four. I’ve been on a nine-hour shoot. And modelling is not as glamorous a job as the media portray to the members of the general public. Sometimes I must model in unpleasant weather conditions, places that aren’t comfortable or easy to reach, and hold difficult poses. It all requires fitness, concentration, determination, and simply love of life and art – and the men of this world whom I think of when shooting. I motivate myself to get through the discomforts by the thoughts of hearing and reading statements of admiration. And that’s good enough. After all, if I didn’t love what I do in life, why would I even live, let alone do it?

1000 daily things that the pictures don’t show

The creative process doesn’t end at the end of the photoshoot. When I get the pictures from the photographers, I sort and name them. Then I choose one picture from each shoot from which I have permission to use pictures for the next batch on my site. I blur the face on and copyright protect each picture. Then I upload and search engine optimize the pictures. And finally I attach each picture to the Who page before midnight of the day on which the new pictures will be released.

And here endeth the path of the pictures that you see on this site. Did the number of steps in the process of their creation surprise you? Maybe. But I view it all as a labour of love and a little contribution of light to the lives of men who will enjoy looking at them. I could easily take the easy path that all other women take – shoot x pictures in the same room and outfit in different poses. But that wouldn’t fulfill me. I thrive on being different. And the harder way in life is always the more rewarding. What do you think? Tell me.

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