How To Become a Sugar Baby

Submitted by admin on Sun, 08/18/2019 - 02:46

 I'm not going to lie, I've thought about this many times and there are hundreds of websites dedicated to Sugar Babies but I really haven't come across any that tell just how to become one. Without further delay, I'll enlighten you.    Step One    You will need to ask yourself why you've decided to take this route. Are you tired of working a regular 9-5 with minimum wage? Are you fresh out of a relationship and decided to just try something new? Do you just want to be spoiled and pampered?     There's a lot of reasons people could or would decide to be a Sugar Baby, I honestly can't say there is a wrong answer because most times it is motivated by the desire for monetary gain and both parties know this.    Step Two    Figure out what sets you apart from other wanna be's and veteran sugar babies. Everyone has something that makes them unique, makes them stand out, makes them pop and honestly, you're going to need it if you want to rise above the waves of those hopefuls.    However, if your answer is only stating that you have a pretty face and a bangin' body then you aren't going to rise all that high. The types of people who seek to be sugar babies already tend to have the look, and Sugar Daddies who are handsome and/or have a lot of money are able to have the pick of the litter. I'm not saying having the look is bad, just that you need to rely on more than just your physical appearance.    Step Three    Figure out what you're bringing to the table. Nine out of ten Sugar Daddies will tell you that they are not going to shell out all that money just to get laid. You would probably be surprised how many Sugar Daddies actually just want some attention and affection, to feel like they matter, a chance to spend some money on someone they truly feel deserves it.     Step Four    Patience is quite literally a virtue on this forefront. You may run into a few Splenda Daddies or some scam artists. I've personally ran across the latter more than a couple times. Real Sugar Daddies tend to be very selective, from what I've noticed they don't just hand out the money and  gifts all at one time. They want to make sure you're legit, just like you want to make sure they are. Patience is key.    Step Five    Once you've gotten your Sugar Daddy make sure you let him know he is appreciated. Whether its little notes, random gifts, just show your appreciation. It will go a long way.    Most importantly, however, is that you remain safe. It is wise to do background checks , make sure they are verified even though this doesn't always mean anything. Never give out your banking information, your social or anything else of that nature but I'm sure that's common sense to most people. Hopefully, if you're seeking to be a Sugar baby this article helped you out even if it's just a little.    Anyway, Happy Hunting!

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