Happy May Day!

Alicat | 01 May 2018 - 10:19
Happy May Day!

Happy May Day!! It's a rainy one here in Iowa today, as I am preparing for my West Coast trip! Today I will finish my packing, get my hair done and I'm going to see the new Avengers movie!! Yay!! Not bad for a Tuesday!

Tomorrow I fly to Vancouver!! I'm so excited! I hope my excitment carries over in the morning when my alarm goes off at 3am. I will be up at 3 to leave for the airport at 4, to fly out before 6am! Ugh! What was I thinking?! But that puts me into Vancouver at a decent time tomorrow and allows me most of the day to play around and sight see!

Vancouver 5/2-4

Victoria 5/5-6

Seattle 5/7-8

Portland 5/9-10

If you are in those areas and have tour guide skills you would like to exercise, please let me know! I have visited Portland briefly, but the other cities are all new to me and I would love to explore with a new friend!! Let's plan an adventure!!

My NEW website is under construction!! I hope to have it live in the next few days!!




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