Films I've Been Watching - Logan

StephanieSecrets | 12 Mar 2017 - 09:36
Films I've Been Watching - Logan

This week’s Meerkat Movie was Logan! And the nibble was Nakd Cherry Raisins!

I’ve seen some of the other X-Men films and quite enjoyed them, so when Cinema Buddy suggested Logan I was up for that!

Logan was pretty good – I preferred the second half when things really got going, but Cinema Buddy liked the first half and found the second part slower. It was a long film which wouldn’t have suffered from shorter fight scenes. Have a wee first.

The film has a lot of gory fight scenes with people getting slashed and clawed in the head. I looked away for those bits; I’m not keen on gory bits.

There are also sad bits, you probably won’t cry but you might have an ‘awww’ moment.

And the film is a total set up for ‘X-Men TNG’!

I do recommend Logan, if you don’t mind gory stuff. Cherry flavoured raisins though are a bit pointless, just get raisin flavoured raisins, they’re fine.

Steph x

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