Escort Etiquette (How to Properly Contact the Lovely Ladies 101)

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  Imagine that you are an employer, you’re sitting at your desk and suddenly you receive a message about an application. You notice that it’s from a person seeking possible employment and it reads something like this,

  “I wnt a jb. U hook me up? Whn cn I cum n “

  I bet the look on your face was, “ You’ve got to be kidding me? Are they serious right now?”. Am I right? You wouldn’t hire that person would you? I bet you wouldn’t even bother responding and would take a hint from that dating out and just swipe ‘No”. Well, now you know how an Escort feels. They get messages all the time that probably look something like this,

  “Whn r u avail…” “Wut u doin’, wanna hook up?” “Hey such n such, I wanna meet up”

  They probably get even worse ones than that. Just writing those gave me a headache and a half, I feel like I may also have lost a few I.Q. points along the way. Why would someone think that it is alright to talk to a complete stranger that way? It’s bad enough when you talk to people you know like that, let alone a complete stranger who mind you, you are courting in a way. When you want an Escort to take you seriously you have to contact them like you are serious, not like you are drunk texting. A message like this is more appropriate, 

  “Hello such and such, I would like to scheduel an appointment with you on (enter date here), at (enter meeting place here). Would you be available at (Enter time here.) Thank you in advance, (Enter your name here.)”

  Wow, did you see how easy that was?! I mean I didn’t get a headache or anything writing that one! Did you? I know who else didn’t, the Escort of interest! I bet she even smiled! Who knows, you may have even brightened her day, put her in a better mood, the whole nine yards. You see, everyone deserves at least some form of respect, especially the working ones. No one wants to deal with someone who acts like the woman should feel grateful that he spoke to her. It doesn’t work that way. 

  These amazing women take the time out of their day to spend time with you. To listen to your problems, to help you forget about what you’ve got going on in your life. The least you could do is treat them with a little respect and common curtesy. They need that contact information, the contact sheet. They need to know where you are wanting to meet incase it’s a place they are uncomfortable with or maybe they just simply don’t like that place. Maybe they know a better place they think you would probably like. You never know. 

  Being an Escort doesn’t mean that they’re your doormat, it means that they are there for you as a companion for however long the appointment is. If you treat them right then hey, they might like having another appointment with you. If you don’t and you send them some of that weird cryptographic- hieroglyphic type you might never hear from them, they’re probably too busy out buying some headache medicine or hiring someone to decode the message. All in all, treat them how you would want to be treated. Simple as that. 


Written By: K.D.

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