Do My Roles As a Companion, Massage and Aromatherapist, and Men’s Coach Conflict?

Toronto Companion | 02 Nov 2022 - 07:06
Do My Roles As a Companion, Massage and Aromatherapist, and Men’s Coach Conflict?

There are men who see my three roles of a companion, massage therapist, and coach as conflicting or contradicting instead of a holistic package. But these men don’t look beneath the surface. Here’s why these roles are absolutely not conflicting and happily cohabit in a beautiful package which holistically looks after the professional man working in the corporate world or business. 

I always tell men who present the argument of my three roles conflicting with or contradicting one another that Apple looks after a man’s technological needs, I look after a man’s wellbeing. There’s nothing conflicting nor contradicting about Apple selling us a computer, software, accessories, and cases for it, phones, music players, accessories for music players, and workshops. Apple is one stop for all technological needs of a human being. Hence instead of conflicting or contradicting if offers a whole package.

Companion, massage therapist, men’s coach…
All my roles beautifully tie in with, complement, and enrich each other in the same way. A massage therapist works with energy. A coach also works with energy in relationships with oneself and others. A companion hears about all sorts in conversations with the people whom she accompanies to the most diverse places and settings. The conversations which I have with people when I’m their companion enrich me as a coach. And vice versa – when I use coaching in the conversations to offer people new perspectives and ways to find solutions to things that they’d like to have better.

Energy is everywhere whether we see it or not. Light is energy. Wind is energy, every person has energy. The role of a massage therapist gives me the privilege to get intimate with people on a level which conversations don’t access. This profound level allows me to be attuned to people like no standard coach who doesn’t combine coaching with massage. And also like no massage therapist who doesn’t have training in coaching. Men open up when they relax during massage. And when they open up, they release all sorts of things. As a coach I can help. And there’s a good chance that I’ve heard their plights in conversation with someone whom I accompanied on a date or trip…

Massage enriches health. I coach on health, relationships, work, money, success. Hence I use a lot of knowledge of massage in coaching on health. And vice versa. When a man comes to me for a massage, I gladly offer suggestions, advice, or recommendations of nutrition, fitness, and other aspects of physical and mental health. I wouldn’t do so if I didn’t draw on knowledge and experience as a coach!

How the three roles enrich me – and the men who want me in their lives
Many men, most often strangers, very quickly observe that I’m very astute. The astuteness is due exactly to the complementation of my three roles. A person who massages naked bodies, coaches naked souls, and accompanies [sometimes naked] people who want a spark in life is inevitably far more astute than a person who performs any of these three roles singly.

My role as a coach sharpens my communication and makes me astute to misunderstandings before they happen. I relate to people’s differences better than a person who isn’t a coach. I solve awkward situations, conversations, subjects more elegantly and easily than a person who isn’t a coach. As a companion I gather experiences from all walks of life, which enriches my life and coaching. When a man reveals a subject super sensitive to him, I accept it easily because I’ve most likely heard it a hundred times before…

My roles as a companion and coach teach me to relate well to people of all styles of communication with all types of character. Relating well makes people comfortable with me. And when we’re comfortable with the massage therapist, we’ll find relaxing during a massage easy! And my role as a massage practitioner encourages me to look after my health – practise what I preach – and gather experiences of whether the tips that I share in articles on this page of my site work, what health is like, and the difference between being healthy and not being ill. Of course, I can then happily enrich coaching men on their health with my experience of it.

So finally…

if you have viewed my roles as a companion, massage therapist, and coach as conflicting or contradicting, you’ll hopefully understand why they are indeed the opposite. Why they beautiful complement each other and form a holistic package which no other woman out there offers. And which the people of today’s world desperately need!


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