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Discretion: every man who sees companions, courtesans, or has a mistress wants it. Even men who go for genuine medical massages want discretion! And many women promise it. But how does discretion reflect itself in the little details that men and women play out in daily lives and communications? Are people really as discreet as they think they are? What innocent acts can easily betray discretion? You may well be surprised at what useful pearls you will pick up from this article.

Discretion in communication online
Communication by email and on social media is very prone to inadvertent betrayal of discretion. Gentlemen, you are as responsible for keeping communication online discreet as is the companion, courtesan, mistress, or even masseuse. If you want to have a companion, mistress, courtesan, or massages in full privacy, you’re fully responsible for protecting yourselves, your family members who certainly don’t deserve to be hurt, and yes, even the involved woman. Therefore give her an email address to which only you have access. Then your family members won’t find your correspondence. It’s easy enough to create a free email account. And before you give a companion or masseuse your work email address, think who has access to it. Does your PA or secretary? If yes, set up a free email account on proton mail and you’ll have no problem.

And when you have given your companion or masseuse an email address that is safe, turn off notifications on your computers, smart phones, or tablets which will show a snippet of a new message on the screen before you unlock the device. This is one of the most inadvertent actions that can easily betray discretion. If your phone gets into the hands of a family member who sees a snippet of a new message from your companion or even masseuse, you’ll be in trouble. And the same applies to WhatsApp and all other chat apps on which you communicate. Turn off all notifications from these apps which will show new messages on your computer, phone, or tablet screens before you unlock the devices.

Another creative solution is to redirect sensitive content to your junk mail. If you do this, then of course you must remember to check the junk mail! Simply treat the spam box as a second inbox. Voila – problem solved. You’ll have everything under the roof of one account, and your secrets will be well hidden.

Discretion online goes even further – be careful!
In today’s world of cloud technology many folks swear by the convenience of cloud backups. If you’re one of them, remember that this can also work against you. If you have all conversations on SMS, WhatsApp, and other apps set to be backed up on cloud, then do what you can to prevent your family members’ access to them, or they may see your conversations too!

Another point closely connected to this is that cloud technology enables you to see conversations by SMS, on WhatsApp, or other apps on any or all of your devices. Few of you will carry all devices with you at all times. And the rest of you who don’t are exposing yourselves to danger, because you can’t control who may see your conversations when notifications about new messages arrive on the devices which you don’t have with you!

Discretion in communication on social media
If you don’t think carefully, you can betray yourself to even more people on social media, because your communication will be visible to far more people than those who have access to your phone, tablet, or email account. One way to bypass this issue is to create a nondescriptive handle on all social media. A handle which won’t contain your name nor otherwise hint at your identity. And then, of course, all that I wrote in the previous paragraphs will also apply for the life of your affairs of the heart or health.

Another way, especially if you have enjoyed solid presence on social media under your name for years, is to manage discretion with the settings on each social medium. People who complain that they have no privacy online complain wrongly, because they have forgotten that they have full control over when and how often they post what and who will see it. Every social medium tells users that it’s up to them what they share with whom. It pays huge dividends to educate yourself about how each social medium works, what settings it offers, and how the settings can work to your benefit.

How to do it?
You can set that only you will see who your friends are on Facebook. You can set exactly who will see which parts of your profile on LinkedIn. And you can make your tweets protected by a password. Then people who will want to read them will have to request the password from you. You don’t have to post on my timeline on Facebook so that all my friends will see your comment and name. After all, you don’t know who my friends are, thus can you afford to risk that some of them recognize you? 

Plus your comment wouldn’t be discreet if all my friends, and possibly even the public, might read it! You can send me a private message instead. Then only I will see the message. You can do the same on LinkedIn. Be even more careful about posting comment on Twitter if you have an account in your name! Again, send a private message instead of tweeting at my tweets. Only I will read the private message. Hence the reason why it’s called private.

…and in communication by phone
Yes, men can be good communicators too! And if you’re not, this area of discretion will certainly challenge you to learn to be! Start by telling me whether it’s safe to send SMS, WhatsApp messages, etc. If I know, I will respect your preferences. If I don’t, I’m disrespectful. This applies to every companion, courtesan, mistress, or even masseuse you see. If you don’t tell me these things, I won’t be able to read them from your mind. Step two is to store me in the contacts on your phone under a name which you’ll know what means, but your family members won’t. You don’t have to store me under my name. You could even store me under a man’s name. As long as you know that the name represents me, that’s what matters.

Tip No. 2: always delete your conversation with the companion, courtesan, mistress, or even masseuse after you finish it. You never know whether a family member hasn’t figured out the password of your device… And even going for medical massage can be mistaken for other things in a world where people hijack words and turn them into meaning what they don’t…

Discretion in communication offline
Now imagine that you call me to massage you at a hotel. The world doesn’t know that I’m coming to massage you. Its good members will think that I’m coming to do something else. If you’re a regular guest at the hotel, be careful about giving me a false name! You never know whether an overactive concierge won’t question me. This will appear as indiscreet toward me, i.e. not your problem at first. But if I can’t get to you because of how the situation has developed, what to do? You’ll have to come downstairs eventually…

It really doesn’t pay to hide. Honesty is always the best policy. Plus if you’re honest with me, I have no reason not to be honest with you. Honesty breeds honesty and mutual trust. Isn’t that what affairs of the heart should be based on? Or can you have an affair of the heart with a woman you don’t trust? Certainly food for thought, isn’t it? And the same applies to the woman to whom you regularly go for massages. You have to trust her to relax during the massage. 

Another setting – would you greet and stop to talk to me in the street if you knew 100% that it was me? Would that be discreet or indiscreet? After all, you never know who can see you where… You could be seen by the most unexpected people in the most unexpected places. It has happened to me and many other citizens of this planet. It could happen to you… After all, if anyone asked you who I was, you could say that I was a colleague, acquaintance from work or social network that you belong to, or the neighbourhood, or even a complete stranger. Judge for yourself… and have a cover story ready.

How else could you be indiscreet? Or has a companion, courtesan, mistress, or even masseuse been indiscrete to you? I feel that this article is unfinished business – work in progress. I’m sure I’ll add to it when life experience inspires me. And you can also help me! Share your thoughts. I’ll treat them with the utmost discretion!

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