10 Etiquette tips that will ensure we have the most enjoyable encounter

Scarlett Raine | 23 Jul 2018 - 01:04
For first timers and seasoned gents alike, sometimes it helps to know what is expected when meeting a new provider. If you follow these guidelines I guarantee that your experience will be unforgettably pleasurable. Always remember a happy provider is a giving provider. 
1, Be sure to review rates and services prior to making contact, there should never be any discussion about money nor attempts at negotiating when setting up a date.
2, Screening new clients is the only way we can ensure our safety, so be prepared to provide your information when requested. This is also for your safety, an undercover will not screen they want to make it as easy as possible to nab you. Cooperate with your providers process. Discretion is just as important to her. 
3, Don't be a time waster, ask for pics, send unsolicited pics, or use derogatory explicit language. If you dont intend on scheduling time together and even if you do, remember her time is valuable and must be compensated for. Save your excitment for your face to face encounter. 
4, Be respectful and treat her as you would any woman, this applies to phone calls, messages, and during your encounter.
5, Be sure to practice good hygenie prior to your meeting. She understands that sometimes you might come straight from work and are unable to return home to get cleaned up. On these occasions she will gladly offer the oppurtunity for you to get freshened up, hell she might even join you for some steamy fun. 
6, Be sure to arrive on time, not late nor early. unexpected things happen but please pick up the phone and let her know what to expect. 
7, Have her payment ready in full upon arrival. DO NOT hand it to her. After greeting her, excuse yourself to the restroom and leave it on counter. She'll verify and retrieve it as she sees fit.
8, Respect her boundries. If she feels uncomfortable with something let it go. She will show you the same courtesy. 
10, Be a gentlemen and depart once your time has ended. If you would like to spend more time with her then let her know you are interesed in compensating her and extending your engagement. Often she'll be happy to oblige providing she has no other prior comittments.
All women love to be pampered. Feel free to bring her a gift or if you really enjoyed yourself, Leave her a tip to show your appreciation. 
Follow these guidelines and you'll quickly become a favorite amongst providers. I look forward to hearing from you. 


Scarlett  Raine

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