I decided to give Victoria a try based on her pics and a review I saw of her a while ago. She was a real sweetheart and fun to be around. She looks even better than her pics in person and I doubt she weights more than 120 lbs. I wanted to take my time with her so I scheduled her for an hour.

After I got into the room, I layed down the donation, I gave her the universal hug sign, we hugged and it was on from there.

Her CBJ puts her to the head of the class with me and then we took our sweet time in mish, doggie, spooning position and then back to mish for the finish. I must have been in her at least 15 minutes and she was wet and tight at the same time.

She made sweet sounds, also with lots of eye contact and I loved looking at her. Everything was covered but it didn't matter to me. The girl can bounce! She drained me dry!

I gave her my number and just about begged her to let me know the next time she shows up or is going to show up in the DC metro area because I'll crawl over broken glass to be with her again. Ok, I'm just kidding about the broken glass but I will definitely go out of my way to see her again because it was big, big fun.