I had arranged a back-2-back session with Donna Bella and Veronica Von Black the day after Halloween. Following my first hr. and my first O already under my belt after Donna Bella’s masterly fellatrix skills, Donna Bella leaves the room and returns with Veronica Von Black. Donna Bella had introduced Veronica to her fan group last spring via hot photos and doubles sessions; at that time, I was immediately taken by Veronica’s look – Spanish/Italian mix, petite (5’4”) slim build (27” waist, 38” hips) yet buxom (natural, 34 DD), a hot, short black bob with shaved undercut, tats, and piercings. Basically, Veronica’s a hot mix of artist, minx, punk, and pin-up! So, Veronica enters the room wearing a short, tight knit dress with Donna Bella (who’s still naked) in the lead.

I arise from the bed and kiss Veronica with brief open mouth contact. Donna Bella briefly joins us and, standing in a group, these two vixen friends and I kiss each other for a while. Donna Bella leaves and I lay back down and Veronica joins me and immediately starts giving me head. This goes on for a while; I’m enjoying her attention, while admiring her in profile, kneeling on the bed, suckling and stroking me. I’m still in recovery so things are slowly waking up; however, my hands roam and pull up what little of her dress still covers her tight bottom; she’s all there, no panties, and I lightly brush her soft flower. Soon, I suggest we stand up, she eagerly following my direction and we get her out of her dress. Whoaa! What a beauty – full DD’s (natural), slender body, and shaved flower.

We fall into each other’s arms and embark on a very sensual, standing, chemistry-ridden embrace: heavy kissing, hands roaming, swimming into the other’s libidinal currents. It’s hard to describe except that the chemistry felt full-on and authentic. Marvelous! Just what I’m always looking for… There was no rush, just suspension. I picked her up, she taking her saddle at my waist by wrapping her legs around me. I leaned over the bed, Veronica kissing me in a wrapped embrace. “I like surprises…mmm…I like your style,” she whispers. I gently take her to bed, cradling her head in my hand as we ease down on the bed.

It’s full-on GFE kissing and we move into a sensual grind, uncovered, but just going with it. My hands are roaming across her beautiful breasts – can’t beat the natural DDs - and I suckle each before returning to her mouth and sighs. At one point, I brush and briefly play with her clit, she’s very wet! Just then she says, “Where are those condoms, when you need one?” I reach over to where they were, put one on and mounted her in MISH. We fit well together. She’s vocal and encouraging.

This goes on for awhile and then we transition to a prolonged DATY where she becomes more focal with encouragement, mouth open, eyes closed, and few soft “Fuck, yes” encouragements added. At some point, I insert the finger and rub and encourage her G-spot. Her clit is very happy and her hips, at times, move in soft bucking motions. We move to 69 and she’s got me hard again, but we stay in that position and my face is filled with her bottom and pussy. At times, she comes up for air as she get’s more aroused, then she back on my dick with little moans escaping. Very hot.

Though I never felt rushed, I felt we were nearing our end and I wanted to come for her. So, I suggested we get up and she stand close to me, pressing her naked body against and to my side while continuing to kiss me, embracing me, and encouraging me with soft urgings. I had one arm around her waist as she embraced me from the side and I jerked myself off with the other hand. She spit on my hands and eventually got some lotion for additional action. The slick sounds from my strokes aroused her more – “I love that sound, it’s so hot,” she said. Soon afterwards, I came hard, shooting some on her naked body beside me, and then looked into her eyes while my orgasm subsided and moved off. I then hungrily and thankfully kissed her, my breath coming hard and cooled by my orgasm. We both agreed we wanted to see each other again. We transitioned to a shower together where I continued to take in her marvelous figure. I plan to be a regular.

We transitioned into an easy and casual clean up phase. Donna Bella joined us again, a few more kisses and titty flashing from both women while dressing and enjoying easy conversations. Veronica’s on my list, right at the top now. Both Veronica and Donna Bella are not to be missed. Hot and fun!!