TS Ginger

On our first date, Ginger told me she was a Princess. By our second date, I knew she was one. If you ever wanted to date a Princess, Ginger would be the one to do it with.

Where to begin with this one. First, realize you're going to meet a transgender female. If you've never done that, you definitely want Ginger would be the one to guide you.

Oh what a journey. I called her because her ad picture showed beautiful eyes. It's not the only part of her that is beautiful. But you'll find that out.

She has a ravenous appetite for intimate contact. Just kissing her is seductively entrancing. Wait until she touches you. Her massage is magical. Especially after she does the "flip". The first time her fingernails graze your cock... you'll think you've gone to heaven. Once her lips go there, you'll know you have.

Ginger is an exciting sex partner. But don't think it only has to go "one way". If you are a giving partner, Ginger loves to be a recipient. It's easy to spoil her. As I found out when I asked if she liked her most delicate petal to be licked.

Gentleman, if you like dating transgender woman, or think you might, you owe it to yourself meet Ginger. She is fun and she is loving.