Tori Becks

I made the mistake of calling instead of texting when I first contacted Tori and was not able to talk to her until I did so. After we texted back and forth she was more than happy to arrange a phone call with me for verification, but like I said I had to TEXT her FIRST. Once we were able to schedule an appointment that was good for both of us I arrived, and she did not make me wait forever, or give me the run around.

Tori looks just like her pictures. In fact, I was so surprised when I met her that I just looked at her with my mouth wide open and stuttered a lot. She was incredibly accommodating and made sure my comfort was more important than anything else. After we got the roses I had brought her out of the way, she made sure that I left with a smile on my face. There was no rush at the end of my appointment, and the location was nice, neat, clean, and in the mid-town area of Nashville.

10 out of 10 will be seeing her again if she can find time for me.