In the past two years, I’ve see Tashizelle more times than I can count as she has taken me on adventures in London and NYC, and can't wait to explore Paris and Prague with her. Each time we meet it’s full of surprises, and each time we meet it just keeps on getting better and better.

You've seen her pictures, so you'll know she has a body to die for, but that is nothing compared with her face. Her deep green eyes are captivating, and has a smile which can only be described as enchanting.

Like her name, Tashizelle is truly unique, as I haven’t meet anyone quite like her. She is a complete empath, able to read my body like a book from the first time we meet, and able to plan the perfect surprise at the perfect time. She really puts a lot of thought and energy into making me feel special.

I sought her out because of her connection to Tantra, and she showed me ways to move the sexual energy around my body (I still daydream about a very sensual meditation she showed me on our 2nd date).

As I have seen her so many time now I’ve had the pleasure of seeing the different sides of Tashizelle, from the silly and playful tease, to the serious discussion about Crypto currency and politics. I’m never quite sure what side of her personality I will get until I walk through her door, but I always know it will be exactly what need.

Be generous with her, open yourself up and be prepared to make a real intimate connection and you will be rewarded a hundred times over.

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Saturday, July 27, 2019 - 00:00
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