I had began the screening process with Rain quite awhile ago but was not able to schedule until just the other day - she had my info and was able to continue along with the screening without any issues.. I sent the rest of what she requested and was able to schedule the same day. She gave thorough instructions on what to do upon arrival - which put me somewhat at ease.. I am always nervous meeting a new provider in general.

Once I got up to the room, I was greeted by Rain who had a towel wrapped around her body - her breasts still pouring over the top. She was very kind and walked me back to the room - offered me the bathroom which was nice and clean.

She brought me back to where the session would take place which was also a nice, clean, warm room with a shower and bed. I was given additional instructions and then she exited momentarily.

After a few minutes, Rain entered the room and wow it was hard not to stare.

Rain is a professional when it comes to nuru - literally the best massage I have had from any provider to date.. the pressure, her usage of her body.. the mirror positioned just perfectly to let you catch these little glimpses of her working her magic.. All the while comforting you with conversation as well..

The massage continued for quite some time and was a great mix of therapeutic and sensual - I was not sure I would make it to the flip.

As things came to a close, we cleaned up and chatted a little bit more and I was on my way.

Overall Rain is an amazing provider - If you are thinking about seeing her - do it.

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Friday, October 25, 2019 - 00:00
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