I arrived early and her maid said she was busy, so I waited in the living room. I didn't mind waiting it's hard to find a girl willing to do bareback anal.

I was not disappointed, when Suzi came into the room she was naked apart from high heels and an ankle chain.

She had a big smile which made me feel right at home.

Her large breasts had gold bars in the big nipples and sagged a little. Another gold bar pierced her clit, her big cunt lips gaped open, with small bruises on the inside of her thighs, she looked well used, just how I like them. I was as hard as a rock.

She took my hand and led me into the bedroom, knelt in front of me and wasted no time in undressing me, licking my now very hard cock up and down with her pierced tongue.

She expertly started gently squeezing and pulling my balls as she sucked my cock into her mouth. It was great!
No not just great it was fantastic. She's a real good cocksucker.

She soon had me naked on the bed and started rimming me, sucking and licking my cock with her long pierced tongue.

It wasn't long before I was ready to get up her.
She sat over my cock and guided me into her wet cunt and slowly lowered herself onto me until I was balls deep inside of her.

I pulled her over me so I could play with her large pierced tits. I squeezed them hard and sucked her nipples into my mouth, which made her moan, and grind her cunt into my crotch. She started slowly fucking me, rising up and down on my viagra fuelled cock.. I was on the verge of cumming, when she got off..

Suzi rolled over and spread her ass cheeks, she held my very hard cock in one hand and slowly pushed herself back, it sank smoothly into her ass, until I was balls deep. The feeling was out of this world.

I held on tight to her saggy tits and fucked her hard.

She was very vocal.. screaming out Yeah Fuck Me, Give it to me, I love it.

Just as I was about to shoot my load I pulled out, turned her over and pushed it into her open willing mouth. As I started cumming in her mouth l pulled out and finished off all over her face, hair and tits.

I so needed that. (thanks viagra)

As I dressed she was still laying on the bed masturbating and licking the cum off her face and tits.

Next time I want to introduce her to my friends for a bareback gangbang.

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