This is my first time meeting with someone from Japan. I was so glad Yuri was available since it was late on a Sat night. I had a layover in Tokyo and took a shuttle to town and was running behind but we stayed in contact and pushed meeting by 30 min no problem. I meet her in the lobby at the prescribed time and she arrived and wow is she beautiful. She works and out and is very firm and in great shape. We made it up to our room and once she set her bag down started kissing like lost lovers. She is a good kisser.

Started off with a shower which is very traditional. We washed each other over for 20 minutes kissing back and forth getting every place and it was amazing. We then dried off and went to bed where we did body worshiped for at while. Kissing each other madly. Then I kissed her breast and worked down to her kitty. She tasted wonderful and enjoyed it very much believe she has her first of many O's. We then did some 69 and she seemed a little hesitate at first to take in my manhood then once she started she we did that for like 10 minutes and she like to DT.
Then was my turn to get on top and put the cover on as we started slow and she said how she enjoyed the size of my guy. We did multiple position doggie and from the side which she liked too. Then I filled the cover.

We took a break for 20 min then right back again for another 20 min. Did multiple positions and we both were sweating. Had a wonderful time and can't wait to make another trip back to Japan or Sydney and plan to play longer for she.

I would recommend
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Saturday, March 18, 2023 - 00:00
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