Jenna is straight up amazing: sexy, warm, skilled, exciting, naughty. She is better looking in person than her pictures and clearly loves being an escort. My second time was even better than my first. Will certainly visit her again. This lady deserves some kind of medal from Washington for a national treasure.

Setup on my first encounter was easy enough. I emailed her with a photo of my drivers license and she verified within a day or so - I went to see her a few days after that. She sent me her address and instructions which were super clear. She has an absolutely delightful Love Shack behind her house where she meets her guests. She has a video on her website where you can check it out. It is really large and clean and inviting - very tastefully decorated inside. She is such a classy lady and it shows it so many ways. The couch and bed in there are wonderful. I booked an hour for my first time. I am new to this and she made it so easy for me. Got me from "hello" to fantasy sex in a warm and comfortable way. Smile for days. For my second visit I booked two hours because I was so happy with my first visit. It was amazing! I was inspired to come home and write this review right away. I enter the Love Shack and Jenna greets me with a warm hug. I have the consideration in an envelope - I put it on the bedside table. She is wearing a dark silky nighrobe and announces that she has just gotten new sexy underwear and parts her nightrobe to give me a peek. Ooooooo. Sheer black tall socks on each leg with a ruffle at the top. A top that shows off her ample bosom strapped to these little lacy black panties. She wraps herself back up lazily, leaving one boob half showing and sits me on the couch. We talk a bit - picking up the conversation from last time. She is sharp. Good memory. She remembers what we talked about before and puts me at ease. Talk turns to last visit. I tell her I would love both of us to get undressed a bit more slowly this time for fun (last time BOOM my clothes were OFF and she stripped pretty quick too). So she goes and puts on some high heels! Good thinking! She shows off her legs, turns around and wiggles her ass and giggles. Makes me want to rip her clothes off even more, but we go slow on purpose. We kiss standing up and I touch her hair, her back, her hips. We take our time and I am just loving it. I love touching Jenna she feels wonderful and responds to my touch. I take my pants off but leave my underwear on. She rubs me hard and then starts reaching into my underwear to play with me. I am so hard. We play like teenagers for who knows how long. I take my shirt and underwear off and she removes her panties but leaves on the top and the socks and we crawl in bed. I lie down and she lies on top of my sticking her chest in my face. Rubbing me. So fucking hot. Goes down on me and starts sucking me bareback slowly at first, but building speed. DAMN it's good. My memory here is hazy. Her pussy is so tasty. I tasted her more last time, but I am just so horny by now. I tell her I am ready to fuck the living shit out of her and that just delights her! I think she might have actually squealed at this point! She shoots out of bed to get a condom and some more lube. I ask for music and she has 80's rock as her top choice. I'm like fuck yes! I stand up and lean back against the bed while she puts the condom on me. She says "I could probably just back into you". Were sweeter words ever spoken? She backs into me slowly moaning and clearly loving this. She turns to the side and says "we look hot in the mirror" and it's true. Seeing her riding me in the little mirror next to her bed was a treat I will never forget. My brain melts. I can't recall the sequence of events after that well because I was blissed out. I was lying down and she riding me at one point. Things happened. She clearly loves giving blowjobs because she removes the condom at some point and blows me more even though I am hard as a rock the whole time. I am lying on the bed she is on the bed blowing me but I can reach her tits with my hands and I am just fondling her nipples slowly. Her hand is near my butt and I remember seeing "prostate massage" in one of her reviews. I ask for this and she is happy to oblige. First with her finger and then with a thin vibrator with beaded sections. This was indescribably amazing. She was super gentle and super careful to not hurt me. She asked if I had done this before and I said nope, first time. Her blowing me and doing that did something I cannot even describe. Some kind of internal orgasm. No come came out of me but my brain exploded and I had to stop and take a break. So my first pop was possibly a type of orgasm I have never had before? Cool That was just the first hour. I booked two hours so we could have a chance to talk more inbetween pops and we did just that. We had a wonderful conversation. Jenna and I are about the same age and we had much in common to talk about. The second hour was more touching like virgins and oral sex and fucking. It ended in missionary position with my blowing a HUGE load into a condom inside her. Holy crap this was the best sex I have ever had bar none. She is a trooper. We spent exactly as much time talking and flirting as I wanted and the rest was (at least for me) fantasy sex. She pays attention to me when I say I like something (like having her rub my chest and ass during a blow job, etc). I absolutely plan to visit again. $550 for two hours never more worth it.

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