I contacted Sarah the day before I was going to be in her area. She asked for references and luckily I was able to get approved the next day. We set a time and date to meet and she gave me the name of the hotel. She called me 15 minutes before to make sure I wasn't delayed. When I got to the hotel, she called again and gave me the room number.
As I approached the room she opened the door and let me in. She was in a cute lingerie set and we hugged and kissed briefly. She sat on the bed and we talked while I freshened up. I disrobed and joined her on the bed. We talked and kissed some more and then she took off her bra to reveal a lovely rack. I fondled them and sucked on them for a while, then gave her a deep kiss. She got up to take off her panties as I laid back on the bed.

Sarah put some nice lube on my cock and started to massage it until I was hard. She was kneeling sideways on the bed and I could play with her firm ass and her pussy. She went down for BBBJ while I played with her. Then I asked to 69 and she eagerly got on top. Her pussy was clean and delicious and I devoured it as she sucked my cock! Her ass looked great and I did some DATO as well. She is very clean. I continued eating her pussy and fingered her ass a little, which she liked. I didn't want to cum so I rolled her over and went to town eating her delicious box until she came. I didn't want to stop but she got sensitive. So I gave it a few more licks then turned to kiss her. She loves to kiss and her DFK is very passionate.

I then knelt in front of her and she sucked me again before putting on the cover. She got on top in RCG to start, then she turned around for CG and I played with her tits while we fucked. After a few minutes she straddled me and rode hard until I filled the bag. She got up and brought back some warm wash cloths to clean up.

We relaxed, talked and kissed for a few minutes and then she started stroking me to get round 2 going. Back down for another great bbbj and then I suited up. I stood at the edge of the bed and fucked her doggy for a while. She was enjoying it and told me to fuck her harder. After a few minutes we switced to MISH with me standing off the side of the bed. She looked so good! I got up on the bed, put her legs over my shoulders and pounded her hard until I came again. She was moaning but I don't think she came again.

We cleaned up and talked while I got dressed. She was naked when she walked me to the door. We kissed once more and I was on my way. I look forward to seeing this GFE MILF again! Treat her well and she will do the same for you.

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