Sage Greene

HOMOPHOBIC. Lesbians beware.

I was going to move on and not give her a bad review, but I found her disgusting homophobic comments in my message history on my phone, so now I'm going to warn other lesbians.

Back in October 2020 I was going to pay Sage for one hour of her time.

It was my first time and I asked her some questions because I wanted to make sure we were compatible and that I wasn't wasting my time with someone who didn't do X as a service. So I just asked her.

I didn't realize this was a taboo with escorts (I asked someone else and they explained it to me later). But instead of just telling me this, she jumped to conclusions and decided that because I'm a butch lesbian, I must be exhibiting "toxic male behavior" by asking about her services. (I asked if she did certain sex acts. I didn't ask this to dehumanize her. She took it that way and jumped to conclusions. I bet if I was a feminine woman, she never would have made these assumptions.)

So . . . Instead of just communicating with me, she decided to project some gross stereotypes about masculine women being toxic and sexist onto me and send me throw up emojis to boot. Nope. Not homophobic at all.

In the end, I'm glad she was rude to me, because it woke me up. It reminded me that paying for sex is just paid rape, that I am a FEMINIST, and that I respect women too greatly to reduce them to sex objects by participating in the commodification of their bodies.

So I'm glad I didn't betray my integrity by letting loneliness get the best of me and going through with meeting Sage. Her repugnant personality made sure of that.

Butch lesbians beware of homophobic escorts like this. Especially if it's your first time and you don't know all the rules or etiquette yet.

In fact, just wait and find love. It's not worth paying someone who doesn't want to sleep with you to pretend to want you. Buying an escort is pathetic at best, sexist at worst, and these women are obviously mentally damaged.